Pasand Aya? Aur Lijiye…

I’m a foodie and that’s not a hidden thing,everyone in my family,both sides,know this.

I love being invited at people’s home and more than that I love playing host. When people come to my place I’ll cook sumptuous lengthy meal. And I would love to hear praises for all the efforts I put in and that people take multiple servings of the food. Having said that, I don’t know how to offer people those multiple servings. I mean I can ask once and if the person says “I’m full already”,”I’ll take once I’m done with the first serving” etc etc… I can’t keep forcing people to fill their plates again and again.

Similarly I don’t want or expect people to offer me or ask me time and again for servings while I’m at their place. Like I said I’m a foodie and not shy at that. So if I want something again,I’ll ask the host / take it by myself [depending on the setting ] without any inhibition. I won’t think twice on taking those multiple servings if I want to have them.

But it gets difficult when the hosts start forcing the food on you. They don’t have any idea how much extra they are putting in the plate which might get wasted or worse spoil the stomach! And excess food more often than not results in an upset stomach and leaves a bad taste in mouth which overtakes the brilliant taste that the food really had!

I remember an incident from my childhood. We were invited at someone’s place and after finishing our lunch it was sweet time. They had made ‘Shrikhand’ and those of you have tasted it must know how heavy it gets on the stomach,especially lunch stuffed stomach! Okay,so this host uncle was offering a second round of this sweet dish to everyone and my papa said he is full and kept his hand on the bowl indicating a strict NO. You know what the host uncle did? He still poured the shrikhand  on papa’s hand…huh! What the hell? What kind of offering is this?

I want to tell such hosts few things to remember:

*just because I’m saying no to another serving does not mean that I didn’t like what you cooked

*it’s my stomach and you’ve no idea how small or big it is! So,please let me decide how much can it take in,okay?

*i’m straight away going to leave the food which I think is extra that my stomach cannot take’s going to get wasted,yeah wasting food is not a good idea but upsetting your stomach knowingly is a bad idea too!

*taking servings after servings is not the only indicator that I liked the food,there are other ways too to compliment,alright?

*offering to serve forcefully in my opinion is not courtesy or mannerism but pet pe atyachar !!!

That incident never left my memory till date and it keeps coming back to me whenever I’m being forced to eat extra. Husby too doesn’t like being forced or does not know how to force. So if you are ever invited to our place and we’re not offering you multiple servings or not forcing you to take more food,please don’t take it as our bad manners or that we are bad hosts,just remember that we want to play good hosts and want the taste of our food to linger in your mouth even when you reach home and plan for another treat at our place 🙂

11 thoughts on “Pasand Aya? Aur Lijiye…

  1. chinta not , when you inviting me tooo.. I can EAT A LOT 🙂
    although i do think forcefully making someone est is not good .. I will eat at my own pace and what i like .. BUt dont worry whatever you cook I will eat all he he heh

  2. Point noted when I visit your home 🙂 I will praise your food with multiple servings Scribby 🙂

    Errrr I do keep checking for more servings on my guests but I don’t force it on them.. As their plate gets emptied I ask them once or twice with a final “are you sure?” and that’s it..

  3. I so totally agree with this, Nu! I am the same, while I hosting parties, I never force people when it comes to food. I prefer to take them at face value – just as I would like mine words to be taken. When I say I have had enough – I really mean it. The other day, this happened with me. I said I had enough, and then before I knew it, the hostess had ladled more food onto my plate – I found that so annoying! Esp since I really, really meant it. I wish I could print this out and put it up- so that people know 🙂

  4. yeah I never understood why shove food down somebody’s throat…. I don’t like forcing or being forced to eat….
    so we are cool when we meet 🙂

    I’m so very dying to meet you,so much in common,no? 🙂

  5. Oh Bongs are famous to force!! And I really dislike that. I too am not shy when it comes to ask for another serving but forcing is something I dislike intensely. Gladly my mom doesn’t believe in it either.

    thank god for that no? 🙂

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