‘It’s a wonderful life’

Just finished watching this movie and I’m glad I did. It certainly is a wonderful movie and many thanks to Ani.

Ani,you know what have you done? You made me cry my happy tears at the end of these 2 hours…I’m delighted,I feel lighter and more importantly I feel blessed and do you know why? Because I have friends like you 🙂

The bestest part of the movie? Well,it’s tough but still the best thing I loved is the above note that conveys the message of life,of beliefs,of friendships and of faith!

Thank you all for checking on me..I’m doing good and that was a passing phase which peeped in for a moment in my life and made my churn out those silly sad posts 🙂

I’m glad I’ve this life,my family and friends like you,I’m glad!

If you’vent watched this movie yet, what are you waiting for? Go get your DVD NOW!

A secret wish to God : *I want my Clarence Oddbody AS2*


8 thoughts on “‘It’s a wonderful life’

  1. wowwww I am glad you watched it.. I was in tears too.. My favorite part was when George’s little brother toasts for him at the end “A toast for my big brother George, the richest man in this town.. ” 🙂

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