Whisper Calls

Years back when I met my maternal aunt [mami] from the US who was on her India vacation,I was amused with one particular thing along with the rest [read: gifts and clothes and the works]

Whenever she was talking on phone she used to whisper. Initially I thought there is some secret conversation going on between her and the caller. But then in that course of time I realized that this is her usual way to talk on phone,be it anyone on the other side. Even if that meant some happy news coming in or a silly fight going on. Her tone was maintained throughout-whisper and only whisper!

This observation made me analyze other callers in the family.And what did I notice? I noticed that all of the family members,well majority, spoke in an audible decibels [read: the people present around could very well hear what the person is talking on the phone]

Since that was just a momentary analyses it went and sat deep inside the brain somewhere and did not come to the front row. After few years I met another aunt of mine [massi] and noticed that she also whispered whenever she spoke on the phone. Curious me,had that observation made years back come to work again in the brain,and I asked my aunt-‘Why are you whispering in the phone,is it a secret that you’re keeping from all of us?’ To this she first laughed out loud and then told me that ‘No,there is no secret that I’m keeping but it’s just the way I talk on phone.I think talking out loud is not good.’

That stayed with me for a while,well even today actually. You know how it is in the kiddy age? You try to emulate things that you see your favorite elders doing and also justifying that what they are doing is right,hai na? So,likewise,whenever I spoke on the phone then onward I spoke in very hush hush tones to the extent that the person on the other side literally had to ask me ‘what? say it again’ !!!

Soon I realized this is not for me and that I should give up talking in low voice on phones and I did. Till date I’ve not tried it again. I mean I just cannot be silently talking on phone but that doesn’t mean that I shout out loud in trunk-call high pitch voice shown in movies,you know!I talk in my usual pitch and tone that I would use while talking to a person face to face. No special voice and pitch modulations for phone people!

Though there is an exception for work place or while having formal conversations-there you automatically sound decent,controlled and formal which is a must!

That said-I feel conversation is not complete if you don’t scream in joy when the person on the other side tells you the breaking news of his/her life, the conversation is incomplete when you don’t cry if the person on the other side is deeply hurt and sharing his/her sad story…the conversation isn’t complete when you are not talking in your usual ecstatic bubbling voice especially when people who know you are so used to hear your chirpy voice!


10 thoughts on “Whisper Calls

  1. sigh! am the wrong person to comment on this post coz I actually dread talking to people over the phone. People who are close to me know that and they make it a point to just tell why they called and finish off the business as soon as they can 🙂 err face to face talk is an entirely different thing….then it’s the people who I am talking to who makes excuses to run off 😥

  2. I have this problem he he he But its the other way round I dont seem to HEAR thwat the other is saying.. maybe something wrong with my ears 🙂

    I talk and the whole world can hear .. I guess something wrong with my mouth tooo

    oooops lots of wrongs in me 😦

    noone’s wrong B…it’s the situation that makes a person do wrong things,no?

  3. What a lovely post..no seriously…I scream..so much that RD says I dont need a phone to talk to Amma who is in Goa…I can just shout and she will hear..and then in office, I try and whisper..but I suck in that 😦

    hahahaha I’m so looking forward to meet you girl!

  4. I have different different voice for each person.. Amma, friends, close friends, strangers, office colleagues..
    My mother finds out if I am hungry just by my “hello” on phone. 😀
    Loved the last para 🙂

  5. the same Q.. how can some people whisper on phone or even whisper when they talk in person or even watch TV at volume 10? that’s not me or my parents.. we are famous for speaking loud 🙂 when I talk to amma over phone from office every other minute I had to remind her to reduce her voice just so that the person in my next cubicle can’t hear her 🙂 🙂

  6. So completely agree with you – My voice portrays my emotions – just today I got a call from a dear friend saying he got into an IIM and though I was in office I was quite loud in congratulating him and then walked out – but whispers are so not for me!

    hey same pinch 🙂

  7. ohh you reminded me of my seniors in hostel involved in love affairs! the way they used to talk on phone, you couldnt hear them even if you are standing just few inches away! god knows how?? I have never been able to talk in low tone and I cant hear people who mumble too!

    hehe yeah me too wonders all the time how can someone talk so slowly 🙂

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