Pricking Silence

Something is missing…all is in place but still something is missing and telling me that a place is vacant..for it you ? I’m not sure..but I’m missing you..very much..I did not take your call because I was missing you too much to talk to hear your voice..I would have cried then..hence I avoided your call..

No,there is nothing to worry..everything is alright..but yet a piece of puzzle seems to be missing..which one is it? Unsure..I guess it happens in life sometime or the happens..and It will be alright soon..I know !

But right now it’s tough for me..I’m unable to think..what should I do ? where do I go ? Will you help me ?

सांस लेना  भी  कैसी  आदत  है
जिए  जाना  भी  क्या  रवायत  है
जिए  जाते  हैं , जिए  जाते  हैं
आदतें  भी  अजीब  होती  हैं

I sometimes feel that I’m too much dependent on your fantasy world..I must exit.But somehow I love this dependence..I love being tamed by your fantasies and my desires…
She said this to him….He was silent….he knew the time had come…he sat there looking at the setting sun…calm..quiet….she waited for him to say something…silence has never been so pricking!
* The above couplet is form the movie ‘Ijaazat’….

6 thoughts on “Pricking Silence

  1. Sab kuch wahin hain, par kuch kami hai… Teri aahatien nahin hain…
    It just reminded me of this song from ek mein aur ek tu…

    haven’t heard it…shall do it now 🙂

  2. OMG that movie does make you question yourself, love and relationships a lot…..and still I love to watch it again and again. One of Gulzar’s best movie ever.

    I agree Saks 🙂

    hugs to you

    hugs to you too babes 🙂

  3. I absolutely love the movie Ijaazat ….have seen it atleast 10 times and wish to see it many more times 😀

    I liked it too..though I saw it the first time last week 🙂

  4. and RM comes with the thriller…I havent even heard about the movie *goes to google to furiously type on what movie is Scribby talking about*

    no issues, now you know 🙂 and I’m sure you’ve heard the saong ‘mera kuch saman’ ? it’s from this movie

  5. I haven’t heard of this movie either. RM, you are not the only crazy person around here.

    it’s Gulzar’s movie..have linked the name for the detailed info

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