Life is so bloody unpredictable!

Just heard a tough news about my very old friend-she met with an accident and died on the spot. I don’t know how to take this in. I’m unable to digest this news. the tough news…it’s just not only bad but it is like a hard hitting fact of life…that it is not predictable. It shows it’s colors as and when it wishes to!

The series of events that led me to this news were something like this:

A classmate smses me: Did you hear about T? Are you sure it’s true?

Me: And what is it about?

Friend: A pretty bad news about her….can’t seem to believe! Can you check from somewhere whether it’s true?

Me: *now puzzled and get the seriousness of the sms, log in to FB and straight away go to her page to find it filled with RIP messages !!!!*

SHOCKED! I felt paralyzed, in fact right now I feel the same while typing in all this! She was just 33….I made few calls here and there and got to know that it is indeed true! How I want that news to be a fake one. To be a joke that some stupid friends of hers were playing on FB!!! How I wish….

I was taken to the past. To the times that we have spent together as giggly teenagers. We lived in the same building-a two story apartment. Were in the same school, commuted in the same auto rickshaw and pretty much had same friends in colony though she was 2 years elder to me. I’ve spent quiet a lot of time of my life-must say the building years of my teenage time…sharing secrets…glancing at boys…even sharing the arrival of menstruation period in our lives…!!!!

We used to fight a lot too but at the end of the day patched up like good girls …I remember we used to climb that water tank on the terrace and sit there for hours talking…every thing is so crystal clear in my memory…

But all this is coming to my mind only now when she is no more…when I know I can never talk to her,see her…Did we take life too much for granted? How important it is to stay in touch with loved ones? Past few years we have been living in different cities..she got married and had a son which made her life busier than ever and then this side Chirpy’s arrival too made me drown into my own world….we have hardly spoken properly in last 3-4 years…either it’s some silly joke that we smsed to each other or some likes and comments on each other’s FB page….

And now when time has slipped from my hand…I look back and think how dear she was to me…how I ignored picking up the  phone and talking to her.

I ask god to at least be merciful and grant strength to uncle,aunty and her younger sister. They must be feeling terrible…terrible is such a small word for this loss and I don’t even want to imagine what her husband of 4 years and her son of 2 years must be going through!!!!

Life is certainly unpredictable and doesn’t give us another chance….just don’t wait for the right time to come…just pick up that phone make a call to your friend…to whom you haven’t had called since ages…just do it now cause there is no tomorrow to depend on !!! It’s time to act and not procrastinate…to say what you want do what you want to!!! Life just doesn’t see age or time…it sucks up the person when it wants to and we are left helpless feeling terrible…I hate this moment..I hate this day…I hate things like this happening!!!!!

I know nothing will stop…people will move on..even her family..but then the fact remains..she’ll never come back…and that’s the bottom line!


21 thoughts on “Life is so bloody unpredictable!

  1. SO sorry to hear about this news , my condolensces to the family .. it is sad .. I know how it feels for last year my best friends wife met with an accident and died on the spot and as you put life is unpredictable, she ws sitting at home doing nothing .

    As the previous day the kids had left for usa for holidays .. so in afternoon she called up my friend who was in amrtisar saying she is coming for the weekend and on way the accident happened ..

    this is so horrible B 😦 OMG!

    what you say is right dont wait up for you never know when or what will happen .. So sorry again scribby , take care

  2. Hugs Scribby.. News like this shakes you up, na? I cannot even imagine the condition of her family… May they get the strength to get through this..

    totally felt shaken up and still feel the jitters by thinking of her!

  3. Sorry to hear about that Scribby….*hugs* Life really is unpredictable…we really should be living each day as though it were our last. But sadly, I think routine and monotony get in the way. Take care…

    thanks PB 🙂

  4. This is so sad. This post quite shook me up.

    You are so right – we often get too busy with our lives to talk to those people who once played a very important part in our life. Contact becomes limited to a few likes on FB and a couple of mails and SMSes. The same has happened with me and some of my friends who were so very close once upon a time. I should probably get in touch with them once more.

    I am so sorry to hear about the loss – your loss as well as that of your friend’s family. May she RIP.

    thanks TGND

  5. so sorry for your loss scribby – i wish there were the right words to say. We tend to take people and things in our life for granted – dont we?

    I am so sorry once again and i hope her parents, sis, husband and son are able to find peace eventually

    thanks Nuttie!!

  6. Sorry to hear this Scribby…hugs my dear…
    We never know what the next moment will bring…how it will turn out to be…

    take care dear

    thanks a tonne gayu!

  7. I am so so sorry and shocked to hear this…I pray for yhe family and hope that god will give the strength .Such news always affects me a lot and is such a harsh reminder of the frailty of human existance! Hoping that you and those near to her will be able to get through such a hard time

    thanks Dee, I really hope so!

  8. You just urged me to call my best friend..she had called me few days ago but I couldnt pick up..I havent got around to call her back..will do it now

    so did you call Reema?

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