The pep up joke-1

Me and Husby are discussing something about a stuff which is all mommy mush. I try to tell him how ‘awww’ I’m feeling about it and want him to react in the same manner as I did. And his reaction is just about 50% aww-ness and he 50% okay types.Bugged with it I ask him-

Me: Don’t you think it’s total aww?

Husby: Well,ya….okay!

Me: hmmpf…you can never feel this emotion cause तुम कभी माँ नहीं बन सकते !!!!!!!

Husby: *in typical filmy style-hand on head and face all falling down* हाँ मैं कभी माँ नहीं बन सकता  *followed by the sob sob sound*

Me: *bursts into laughter*

Thank god for the husband and friends like you in life….life never stops pepping me up!


11 thoughts on “The pep up joke-1

  1. Yeah thank god hubby kabhi MA NAHIN BAN SAKTE .. nahin to problem ho jayega na if it comes true he he he he 🙂

    Take care scribby 🙂

    thanks a lot B 🙂

  2. Hahaha 😆
    He should have continued the dialogue with, “… magar mere paas Maa hain!” 😉
    Lame joke, I know! 😛

    hehehe or more so ‘kya tum kisi aur se shaadi kar logi?’ 😉 lol

  3. 🙂 thank god finally ur blog opened…since morning was getting a message..the author has deleted the blog..dunno why 🙂

    aiing? me no delete my blog !!! 🙂

  4. translation needed for the reply please…

    it’s like this: I said ‘you can never feel these emotions cause you can never be a mother’ to which he used the Hindi film emotional scene dialogue as in ‘yeah I can never be a mother’ which means to be that ‘I can never conceive’ 🙂

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