‘Something Borrowed’-Book review

About the book
Author  Emily Giffin
Picture of the Author  
ISBN 978-0-099-55774-6
Price [INR] 399/-
Pages 418
Main Plot A kind of journal of two best friends who have grown together from childhood to become teens to become 30 something women, finding love of their lives.
Lead characters 3
Tone of writing Simple.
My take on the book
Do I recommend No
Reasons being >It is all about girlie thing and having boyfriends.>Too much detailing makes the book a little drag.

>The protagonist is too good to sacrifice everything all the time, even her love, for her best friend.

On the other hand >The language is firm and very simple to read.>There is a movie made out of this book which is crisp and much better in conveying the story.

8 thoughts on “‘Something Borrowed’-Book review

  1. hahahah! I loved the way you reviewed this…you, Smita and Smitha are competing big time reviewing eh 🙂

    no competiting with those two voracious readers re! this one’s my 3rd of the year and Smithu and Smita are way ahead of me 🙂

  2. Chick-lit I suppose? They’ve made it into a movie, haven’t they? Glad I don’t have to put another one of the ever-growing list!! 🙂

    yeah like I mentioned in the review there is a movie made and I’ve seen it which is much better than the book though one can skip the movie too but it’s light,time pass movie and one time watch!

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