The pep up joke-2

Since today morning I’ve an upset stomach,real bad you know! So thus the conversation between us man and wife :

Me: *nudging him @ 4 am* listen no. I saw T in my dreams. We were having a good time together.

Husby: *half asleep, checking the time* So did the dream wake you up this early?

Me: *with no comment on the dream now with a serious tone* I said I SAW T. And no the stomach is upset hence I woke up  😦

Husby: Don’t you think you’re thinking too much & not letting it go off your head? Life’s like that….give yourself a little break,yeah?

Me: Huh! I can’t possibly seem to let it slip my head….it’s too hard for me to digest !

Husby: Yeah right, you’re not able to digest it….no wonder you’re having an upset stomach 😉 *nudged me to at least smile if not laugh*

this is my 600th! 

11 thoughts on “The pep up joke-2

  1. Awwww! hugs darling..hope the tummy gets better, and like hubby is like that 😦

    I loved the fact that he is trying to pep you up so much!

    yeah he is a gem of a person..I’m lucky 🙂

  2. 🙂 wow see he cares 🙂 now smile and smile bigggggggggggggggg…..

    Take care scribby …

    thanks a lot B..there is a very caring sound to your ‘take care’ me likes 🙂

  3. feel better soon Scribby…
    yay to 600th post and your man 🙂

    thanks a lot AT I’m doing much better now 🙂 yeah YAY…5 and half years and 600 posts,not bad na? 😉

    take care…

  4. ha haaaa.. you are too good to post it in English this time Scribby..:)

    hehehe actually the last time it was important to post it as it is in Hindi cause that was the whole punch 🙂 the dialogue was an imitation of Bollywood movies 🙂

    baap rey you mean your 600th post? congratulations.. where is the beeeg treat?

    hehee treat for the 600th? 🙂 come down anytime okie? special treat for you 🙂 hugs

  5. Congratulations for 600th post… 🙂 he is really cute… 🙂
    How are you now??

    me much better today and getting better by each passing day…that’s what life is get back to normal in some days though the thought doesn’t leave your mind!

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