Dear Chirpy-I’m noting

Dear Chirpy,

It’s been a long time I wrote you here. What could be the reason,you think? Well,now a days it’s mostly between you and me,face to face,than me writing to you for future use πŸ™‚ Yes,you’ve started listening now,or so I think,and you listen to me intently when I’m telling you something. The look in your eyes has to be captured,I’ll some day do that when I’m not very busy telling you your birth story,how you were 10 months back and how I’m looking forward to your big 1!!!

That said I can’t give up on writing these letters to you cause there are too many things that I want to register and don’t want them to just pass by like that. I want to remember the amusing things that you did and made us laugh and the things that you’re picking on the way to growing up real big πŸ™‚

We are slowly arriving where I always wanted to be 4 months back.Β And now that we’re reaching there together I’m ecstatic. I want to fast forward a little more…yes I’m being impatient.

Recently,all I’m doing is taking notes of all the new things that you’ve started doing and doing with a passion! Things like:

>looking in the mirror for every single thing/action that you do and instantly smile watching yourself.

>you need to see me and be cuddled by me the first thing when you wake up from your sleep,any time of the day or night!

>however we wanted to avoid this but you got yourself into it- you love ‘Kolaveri Di’ to the core and you dance like crazies when you hear even the slightest of ‘tanta..tanta…’ of it !

>While on dancing, you are a born dancer,now we know it for sure. Any nursery rhyme also puts you in your full on dance mode. Sometimes even without any music to your ear you dance just by the word ‘dancy dancy…’.

>And I must tell you how you dance-if you’re sitting then you would move your tummy up and down like breathing heavily types and if you’re standing then it’s like moving your hands in ‘balle-balle’ style and moving your bummies in and out,sigh!!! It is super cute to watch you like this sweetheart, my dancer πŸ™‚

>in your dictionary the word no means a BIG yes! Where did you get it from Chirpy,tell me? If we tell you to not go toward the kitchen you will make sure you crawl faster and reach there and on top of that you stop for a moment to see what are we doing to stop you,you give us that naughty smile and again march forward to your mission! You’re one naughty soul I’m telling you! And no matter how big we are as compared to you,you’re still very powerful than us in terms of swiftness and planning ahead of our each move!!!

>you love mamma’s hair to no bounds. You want to pull them,play with them and you hate it when the hair are rolled up in juda making them out of your reach πŸ˜›

>by now you know a) how to scare people-by making deep husky ‘haaa!haaa’ sounds. b) to point yourself when your name is taken. c) how to clap your hands and feel happy about it-exactly like ‘when you are happy,clap clap clcap’ :). d) you can identify your doll [Nancy],dog [boozo], rabit [tuktuk], and a puppy [snoopy] when their names are mentioned πŸ™‚

>you are as eager as ever to walk without any assistance and you’re reaching there. I’m waiting for the moment when you would leave the support finally…talking of this I wonder what would I be doing at that time? Would I be cooking,talking on phone or taking bath ? Will I be there to capture your first big feat ? Like they show in the jhonson’s baby commercial? πŸ™‚ Yeah you got it right,your mamma dearest thinks too much in the future and may be she is too filmy πŸ˜€

Chirpy,you have also become very naughty these days and whenever I complain about you to your nani-aaji she always tells me the same thing ‘she will not do it now so when’ hmmpf! When I’m upset with you for something everyone seems to be on your side….sigh that’s your magic spell on one and all,sweetie! But then mamma is not leftΒ eitherΒ πŸ™‚ you give me thatΒ puppyΒ eyes look the moment you feel that I’m annoyed and then there is of course no more being annoyed with you,smarty pants πŸ™‚

Looking forward to more masti and magic with you little hearts πŸ™‚ my honey pot!

With all my love,



16 thoughts on “Dear Chirpy-I’m noting

  1. Aawwww… muah to the honey pot and kudos to mom for noting down all these beautiful times πŸ™‚

    I’m just trying my best Ani but you know it’s just not possible to note everything,we tend to miss out something or the other πŸ™‚

  2. This cuteness is a trap my dear. Beware. Coz, now you start thinking that all the nausea, labor, sleepless nights were so worth it. And you are ready to start all over again πŸ˜‰

    shhhhhhhh…. πŸ˜‰

  3. This will become such a lovely read for the little one when she grows up.
    and you too in times to come you can sit back and re live the time all over again πŸ™‚

  4. Awww, tight tight hugs to the honey-pot and her mum :). I could so very well visualize ChirpyYour letters to chirpy are sitting-dance and standing dance..this was more or less how Namnam used to dance too πŸ˜€ ! Muahs to the darling!
    Your letters to Chirpy are the bestest, Nu! Keep them coming πŸ™‚

  5. You know, you writings, you come out totally different when you are writing to chirpy. I guess its about being a mom. Love to read your letters to her.
    Huh? One year already? isnt time is flying… you are going to be an year old mom…
    and also more than a year since we last met 😦

  6. Aww Cjipy’s aai! I am all mush! πŸ™‚
    Though I do agree, if not now, when will she do all this! Hehe, I know, I know, you should be like, ‘we’ll see!’
    Hugs to baby Chirpy! πŸ˜€

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