I love the new feature that wordpress has…of intimating about the comments, when people like my post, when other bloggers reply to my comments made on their blogs and when people start following my blog….I likeeeeeeeeeee!

I loved the movie ‘What happens in Vegas’ thank god I didn’t fall prey for ‘EMET’ ! Grow up Bolly directors,I say!

I go all mush mush seeing such movies or scenes in Hindi serials,yeah I said Hindi serials!

I fell all over in love with the husby on the 14th of Feb…no this is not filmy or something, I really did 🙂



10 thoughts on “P.S.

    1. areh there is this notification blub in the right corner of the wp page…dikha? orange color ka? check kar..now that I’ve replied to your comment you must get a notification there 🙂

      And did you say technologically challenged? huh

  1. Yup. I like the new wordpress features too. Easy to know when you are replying to my comments 🙂
    Hmmm. .. you do sound like a “woman in love” over the last few posts. 🙂

    I like that and don’t mind to agree too 😉

  2. Awww @ fell in love with husband again. So sweet! 🙂

    I love the new WordPress feature too!

    I thought the trailer of EMAEK looked interesting, and was even planning on watching the movie! I would love to see the original too, though.

    Don’t watch much of Hindi serials these days, but I must admit, I love mush in them too. Kinda different and old-fashioned from the mush in Hindi movies. No?

    I agree about the mush in the tv serials 🙂 and the original is superb,me likes!

  3. only for the 14th or did it continue to the 15th and today the 16th tooo 🙂 he he he he …

    What feature is this do you mean the email you get 🙂 or am i missing something. you know when you find new features please please please tell me too as I am too DUMB to know them 🙂

    I read your reply ot R’s Mom , oye kithe bulb kaunsa bulb .. kehda buld 🙂 what bulb… 😦

    Did I say bulb? 😛 it’s on the right corner of your wordpress window..it’s not an email notification…can you see it..it’s just left to your name that is Bikram,orange color if there is some notification,like I replied to your comment now so there must be a a notification..click it and you’ll know.. 🙂

    and what happenes in vegas stays in vegas 🙂

    lol B..have you watched that movie?

    1. yesssssssssss I see it now , so Duhh of me I cna see I can see..
      yes you said Bulb in reply to R’s mom 🙂 .. well it shows notification but only of people who have commented on my post .. not to replies 🙂

      and yes i have watched that movie.. and did a few of funny things ourself when we went to Prague 🙂 boys time out you see he he he

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