The hero is lost

Remember I wrote about the girl next door? Today when another ‘regular’ episode took place she played the main character and was shouting her lungs out.I was astonished to see her like this. Today was the first time…and now it’s no looking back,I’m assured 😦

How I wished she turns out to be something else unlike her family. Today she broke my dream..she proved me wrong in my thinking and any way who was I kidding? I was being too idealistic.I had to know this was coming already…..

The waves are silent next door now but there is a storm in my heart. At the end of it all,I’m feeling very sad! The hero is lost in her, I hate this fact!

10 thoughts on “The hero is lost

  1. Oh its so heart breaking…but honestly in heart of hearts we do know that its what she has seen..and she will also have a limit to her capacity of taking it all in na…she had to burst sometime 😦

    gosh I am upset 😦

  2. Scribby dont say that. Imagine how much she might have endured to finally take it no more.
    I feel.sad for.her as I remember the last post we prayed for a miracle that has not happened and she too has been changed by all this going on in the house.

  3. “The waves are silent next door now but there is a storm in my heart.” – that sounded very filmy.
    About the girl, I think she is still a hero. To endure violence (in any form) daily is not an easy task. One has to stand up for oneself someday. To see her world as an outsider is one thing and to be actually living the trauma everyday is another. What do you think?
    PS: Why not write an anon letter to her? I don’t know *maybe* it could change things and since it bothers you so much that would be a step towards making a change to someones life.

  4. This cannot be the end of the story necessarily. Sometimes people shout only to get heard!
    I think the girl’s still got hope and will go back to being her chirpy self soon.

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