‘Ransom’-Book Review

About the book
Author  Danielle Steel
Picture of the Author  
ISBN  978-0552149938
Price [INR]  299.00
Pages  428
Main Plot As the title suggests the main plot is kidnapping.
Lead characters 3
Tone of writing In Circles
My take on the book
Do I recommend  No
Reasons being >It’s a very predictable book.

>Like I said that the tone of writing is ‘in circles’ by which I mean a lot of rounding has been done while writing the novel as well as you start feeling that ‘okay I understood the point, can we move on?’. It is longish and looks like it will never end!

>The story has nothing intriguing to hold on to.>I was very disappointed since I personally like her work for example ‘Lightning’ or ‘The Promise’ et al. But this book let me down.

On the other hand >It is Danielle Steel’s novel, if that means something to you.

6 thoughts on “‘Ransom’-Book Review

  1. Even i did not like it, despite the fact its Danielle Steel’s book. I used to swore by them once upon a time but i guess once you read a dozen or two of her books, all starts feeling just the same.

    Btw its been long to hear any update from your end… how have you been? All ok?

  2. Wow a complete new look of your blog 🙂
    Its so good to get to read your posts again…Keep blogging.Hope everything is fine at your end..take care and loads of love to little Chirpy.

  3. Its so good to see a post from you after soo long, even if its a book review…. Please write more often… I missed your posts… I mean I missed Chirpy’s post…. 🙂

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