Assembling Nighttime Thoughts-2

What’s on my mind? Like FB keeps asking! There are too many thoughts wandering in my tiny brain..

majorly right now it is about me sticking to a fixed schedule and being consistent at it-you guessed it right I’m talking about the weight loss target I’ve set for myself this year. I’m surprised to see that I’m so particular in other things but this one which needs really a serious attention now. Forget about looking sassy and wearing hot dresses and all that stuff…it’s more about health…When I look ahead in my future,well not literally,I feel would I be able to run around Chirpy when she plays in the park? Will I be fit enough to spend time in activities with her,Sunday picnics,baking and cooking food for her, all that I keep imagining and planning to do?

Another thing dancing on my head right now is-Reading. My 2012 reading challenge seems to be going  for a toss and I’m really disappointed at that. Basically I’m just being plan lazy with it and I dislike this ! I’ve to read…leave alone the challenge and all, just for my own sake. For staying mentally fit and feel happy about it…I must read!

And thirdly, Chirpy’s health. No, no don’t worry. She is fine,touch wood! Just that she has got a bad bad allergy due to pollen / heat / some food. Doctors say it’s not possible to pin point and it will only come to the light with time and only I can see that,that is a mother can only know what is causing her this allergy…I’m being careful while feeding her any new food but I’m sure,my motherly instincts say that she is not affected with any food but it’s may be heat or some allergy she has caught while we traveled last few months. All this has cause tough deep rashes on her cheeks ! Though the medication is on and she seems to be recovering from it now but it’s still there and it’s been a month now 😦 I hate such situations where parents just can’t help the babies,why oh why god,as if the other parenting dilemma’s and guilt and confusions were not enough you have burdened us with this too ! Please god,make her super fine no?

See,that’s why blogs are best! I could have not posted all this rant [crap for you ;)] on FB cause of the character restrictions…but the blog space is wide and open to as many characters we wish to type 🙂

P.S. I just read so many posts,as old as last year’s, of some bloggers tonight and I’m feeling fresh 🙂 Reading pumps in fresh air in me 🙂


14 thoughts on “Assembling Nighttime Thoughts-2

  1. Good luck with the weight loss goals. I think as you said, we should all try to get fit and healthy for llifestyle and health reasons rather than just needing to reach a target weight. Because if it’s purely for the latter, we are likely to lose motivation quickly! [I’ve been there!!]

    Re Chirpy’s allergic reactions…don’t they do allergy tests there? Here they can do tests to determine what you are allergic to. I have a friend who went and had tests done a year or so ago after having breakouts when eating certain things and found out she was allergic to dairy products and nuts. They do this thing by applying a small amount on your skin or something. I am considering going for one as I reckon I may have hayfever.

  2. Hugs, Scribby!

    Being fit is indeed, very important. I keep losing steam too. I wish I could be more consistent with my routine as well..

    Chirpy’s got roses, poor darling! I am sure you will figure out what is causing them soon. Hugs, it must be a torture for you, not knowing what is causing it..

  3. Good luck with the reading and weight loss goals. As you say, it is important to lose weight to be fit (I am working on it too, but sometimes, I do lose steeam too. Same story in reading.)

    Hope Chirpy gets well soon!

  4. Wishing you for the weight loss and to get back into reading..
    Oh my Chirpy.. hope all the rashes go away soon.. I can feel your pain Scribby. As you have guessed it could be due to all the travel recently.. She will fine very soon.. take care

  5. Seriously Chirpy. Some plans stay as plans forever. But yes, staying fit is on my list too. Simply because I cannot afford to fall sick. Nuclear family, 2 kids, 2 full time jobs, irregular maids. No way!
    Yup. Blogs and their comments are a great place to rant 😀 What you wrote for Chirpy on blog is something that I often do in my mind when one of the kids are sick. Really hope is gets well soon and the allergy does not return. My son is asthmatic . Can totally relate.

  6. Take care rey..of Chirpy and yourself!

    Weight loss 😦 you know my views on that na…it seems never I cant even tell you anything..

    hope Chirpy gets perfect soon 🙂

  7. Hugs babes!
    All the very best with the weight loss and fitness regime! I’m sure you will succeed in your goals!
    Hugs to Chirpy as well and hope her allergies get worked out 🙂

  8. Hugs! I hope Chirpy feels fine and those rashes disappear soon. I know it is the most awful feeling when you can do nothing to help your baby. It could be due to the heat .. babies skin is so sensitive. Take care …
    Totally agree with you that losing weight should be to keep fit. I myself am struggling with this issue 😦

  9. WEIGHT LOSS…!!! Yes I have managed to reduce 3 kgs in last 6 months;P
    Hope I maintain it…and reduce more 4 kgs(lets hope)

    Chirpy’s health…I know unpredective it is and how tiring it is for Mom’s. Hope she gets well soon…:) The heat this time is horrible…!!

    Give her Coconut water, maybe that will help cool the system (consult Doctor first)

    Take care Scribby.
    Muahh to Chirpy:*

    1. gayu, at least you are doing something about loosing weight unlike me 😦

      thankfully it’s healing now and she is much better 🙂 you muahs has been passed to her 🙂

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