The e-factor

When Chirpy was born I was told by many friends that I must make her sleep in the other room/cot to avoid sleeping accidents/ co-sleeping habits etc. Though me and husby agreed to all of it we were still very sure we did not want to put Chirpy away from us then. She was a tiny baby and we didn’t have the courage to leave her alone all night. Moreover, we didn’t want us to stay away from her that long.That said I don’t mean to say that parents who make their baby sleep in other room/cot are heartless or so,I’m saying we could not do it!

But then we also had this clear in mind that how long would we co-sleep. As per our thoughts and logic we decided that once she is an year old we can put her away,slowly! By that time even we would be settled with the idea of she sleeping in separately and she will be a bit big baby by then!

Last month,few days before her big O,we started putting her to sleep alone. Just after her dinner, short bath and change we started putting her alone in the cot and we left the room. The first day she cried like hell broke and my heart skipped a beat. Though I was peeping through the door and made sure I’ll stand there unless she is silently asleep. She cried for almost 10 mins and eventually gave up and slept. I put a brave face and continued doing that on the second,third and fourth day in a row. By fifth day she started sleeping the moment I put her in the cot and switched off the lights. She didn’t wait for me to reach the door and close it behind me. I got the message,she got used to it!

My heart skipped a beat again. How funny it is! The first day when she cried on being left alone,I felt sad. The fifth day when she didn’t cry on being left alone,I felt sad! Isn’t this called as motherhood?

Okay,moving ahead of motherhood. Come to fatherhood! Mr. father also agreed upon the same and signaled me to go ahead with our original plan to start making her sleep alone by the time she is one. But by the second day only he acted like a baby himself. Making faces and asking me whether he can tug in with her for a little while? Or if he can go and peep once in every 15 mins? And questions like that 🙂

So far in the parenthood, I’ve discovered that though women are tagged as epitome of emotions and love as compared to the men but when it comes to fatherhood I believe fathers are more emotional and sentimental as compared to mothers. I think mothers can put a brave face where need be unlike fathers !

Just my observation based on my experience..Tell me does the father of your child scores more on the e-factor as a father?


16 thoughts on “The e-factor

  1. Aww! That is so cute!

    Both husband are at the same level 🙂 We are quite non-emotional in that sense 🙂 Although, I do worry more about her than husband does 🙂

  2. of course men are emotional! And hugs to darling chirpy for adjusting so beautifully to her new sleep arrangements! 🙂

  3. Different room as well..thats awesome our case, you know that bed of ours..half the time the brat skips onto our bed in the middle of the night gah! seriously congrats..its a great thing you have done!

    Errr…RD is like your hubby wonly…yesterday I was putting her to sleep on her bed and cribbing about the heat…he said ‘R why dont you sleep on our bed, it would be better’ and there, we all slept together and I suffered the kicks of the father and daughter playing football together..gah!

  4. Congrats on the smooth transition of Chirpy sleeping on her own bed/room. In our case Cheebu still sleeps with us. Hubby feels how can she sleep alone. So there you see the daddy daughter duo win every time no matter what I try 🙂

  5. Congrats. Big task accomplished there!
    I also agree about the e-factor and fatherhood connection. Though I am yet to experience it firsthand, I can vouch as much for Daddy dearest. 🙂

  6. Wow! Another room at 1 is good! :O I need to get inspired. We were thinking only when she turns 2 or so. Anyway, not sure about the e-factor, I have always been the one running to get her to our bed as soon as she whimpers. So have to wait till the other room thing happens!
    COngrats on the big step, we are still trying for her to atleast lie in her crib for an hour each day!

  7. Awwww this is such a cute post 🙂 When I read the title, I thought it was about e-mail or blogging or some technology-related thing. 🙂

    Big decision, that, with lot of emotions attached. Kudos to you on doing it successfully.

  8. Oh Yeah! Definitely more e-factor as Dad than as hubby! All thanks to him we continue to co-sleep with Chutku even today. Tried it once, he fell sick and was back in our bed – and the situation continues. Even with a crib in our own room – we are being kicked every night,still he doesnt want to move the little fellow out!!

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