‘Night Moves’-Book Review

This is one of the books of ‘Night Tales‘ series by Nora Roberts.

About the book
Author  Nora Roberts
Picture of the Author  
ISBN 9780263876956
Price [INR] 250/-
Pages 328
Main Plot A mystery-mixed-up-with-romance cut. The uncovering of human bones in the backyard of a famous music composer from LA shatters her peace and traces a family history to 10 years old secret.
No. of Characters 5 leads
Tone of writing Simple to catch
My take on the book
Do I recommend Yes.
Reasons being >It is a nice mix of romance and mystery which doesn’t make it a single track read.>The plot is fast moving without any delays in between.

>It is quick one night read and/or a nice travel companion.

>The story doesn’t make you wait till the end to solve the puzzle.

On the other hand >The last point above becomes a slight drawback too of this plot since before the book can reveal the secret the reader guesses it well and correct. It is kind of give away at the later stage.>As compared to the first book that I read of Nora Roberts [Birthright] this one is a little so-so.

5 thoughts on “‘Night Moves’-Book Review

  1. Not really a fan of Nora Roberts so won’t be picking this up but just wanted to comment on the cover…it reminds me of the Mills and Boons covers I used to see at the library as a teenager! 😀

  2. hahaha! I agree to PB..sure reminds me of Mills & Boons…errr…PB, I still read them once in a while!! *Getting crazier I guess*

    would you believe that I’vent read a single M&B till date? 😛 and yeah you sure must be getting crazier,what with those second baby post and all that 😉

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