Is it time now?

~I’ve always felt happy,confident,cool and beautiful when I wear new clothes that are chick, comfortable and bought randomly. Time to wear them often and feel happy always?

~I think there are several problems that we as a whole attribute to the cultural of that place but I think the bottom line is it all depends on the people of that place cause culture and society rules are governed by people only. So,it’s the people who are responsible for a good / bad change. Time to be the change?

~I realized that I don’t have a red / blue and a yellow dress in my wardrobe. Time to do some shopping?

~I’ve way back confessed and accepted that I love Mumbai. Time and again life keeps me reminding me  that I’m not living there,such is life, adding to your sore wounds,you see! Time to think of relocating?

~I love lighting evening diya at the mandir at home with Chirpy sitting beside me folding her hands and praying with me.Time to thank my stars ?

~I’ve so much to teach,give and share with Chirpy..I wonder when will I do all this, will the time permit everything??? Time to plan things? 

~I’ve started getting this weird dream of me dying abruptly and not leaving any note behind or letters for my daughter for every b’day then onward or even saying bye to my blog pals. Time to examine my head?

~I’ve to write so many posts, no they are not lying in the drafts,just that they are lying in my head! Time to start typing them?

~I’m watching so many movies these days,all at home. Recently watched Tezz , Chocolat, Hitchhiker’s guide to galaxy, When a man loves a woman, Addicted to love, Mod, The great Indian Butterfly, Love Breakups Zindagi, It’s a wonderful afterlife, Mujhse Fraandship Karoge, Kashmakash, Kahani, Ladies Vs Ricky Behl, Friend’s with benefits, The shawshank redemption ! God so many no? Time to thank chirpy for tugging in the bed in time and giving her parents a lot of time to while around ?

~I’ve been waiting for rains,untimely rains are so pretty,aren’t they? The matter is the clouds have been giving signals but ditch me at the last moment..I keep hearing from friends from other cities that rains blessed them…gah! [RM copying you ;)] Time to feel jealous?

~There is a particular things in my heart which has resulted into a knot. I need to take it out,right here. It is associated with the blog world but I’m not sure I should. Time to just do it?


22 thoughts on “Is it time now?

  1. It’s time Scribby…. do it all… go shopping, feel happier, get drenched in rains, bring about the change you want, and speak your heart out….

  2. Baap rey! you sure have a LOT of time in hand..ek kaam karo..come and stay with me for 10 days…then I will have time to do everything..and you can just help me out…;) Hugs to Chirpy on sitting and praying…here RD is trying hard to make R say ‘saranam’ and she runs away saying ‘mereko bore thai che!’

    1. hehe the post is not about having time,but generally , but I like the idea of coming and staying with you..I get to play with R and witness Risms 🙂

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