Yet another SMJ post-not

There is something about it,my heart always told me and it all came out to be true.

All this while watching promos and hearing about the much talked about and speculated show ‘Satyamev Jayate’  [SMJ] I was waiting with abaited breath for 11 am today. When I watched it I realized I was anticipating something like that to be coming our way. After all it  is Aamir’s show, so it had to have some weight in it!

Whereas I agree that it is on the similar lines of Crime Patrol aired on Sony but what makes it stand out are these three things:

>Aamir Khan

>At the end it’s not only a reality talk show but the real show which not only intends to bring the issues in light but also do something about it.

>The so much down-to-earth-touch and no celebrity-ness of it all.

Today’s episode was on : Female Foeticide

Needless to say FB is full of status messages about SMJ and of course people are raving about it. My cousin’s status message after watching the show was this:

One country…different worlds!!!! Chilled to the core after watching Satyamev Jayate….. humbled to be born privileged!

I could not help but post ditto on it!

If you’ve watched the show you know what I’m talking about and why. If you haven’t you can catch it here:

SMJ 1st Episode

I shuddered, I was horrified and I was in tears by the end of it all. It so happens no that we kind of know that things are happening around us and we feel sad about them when we read / hear about them via media but the reality only hits us when you hear some true heart wrenching stories by the one’s who have gone through it. Listening to the three stories that were presented were like taking a trip to hell!

There are people who are animals,quiet literally..there are grandmothers who intended to kill their grandchildren just because they are not grandsons and there are fathers who give a damn for their own flesh and blood because that flesh and blood ball is going to be a girl one day!

When I imagine myself last year having delivered Chirpy, I realize how lucky I’m to have a mother in law who wholeheartedly took chirpy in her arms and is till date raving about Chirpy’s presence in  her life. She,not even for a nano second made me feel that I did not give her a grandson…And no until today I was not even thinking about all this but today I’m!

But ironies that happen to other women make you say that thank god my in-laws are not like this,me and my parents are lucky!  How ironical is that??? I have to feel lucky for such a normal thing that my daughter is being accepted and loved for being a girl child????

Any way I think I’m getting carried away while writing this. All I wanted to share is of course I loved the show. I was Aamir’s fan since whenever I can remember and now I respect him more for the step that he has taken towards eradicating social evils and I hope this time we all join our hands and fight till the end…cause waves come and go but if we do not let this one go…it will stay and will surely bring in a sea change! Their website has all the details of how you can support the cause. Just do it people, just do it!

Leaving you with an equally heart wrenching song sung by Swanand Kirkire on the show:

P.S. I have to tell you IHM that all the while I was watching the episode I was thinking about you and your posts . I also thought that may be you should kind of get associated with Aamir’s show,no really, you both any way have the same motive,so why not?

And as lot of people would have guessed it you have already done the post about the show 🙂 Cheers IHM !

P.P.S. While writing this post when I typed in the word ‘foeticide’ WordPress immediately underlined it with a red line…see even the blogging platforms are aware that it’s not a valid term 🙂

P.P.P.S. I wanted to link the show’s website here but you know what the website is so much crowded at this moment that it’s just not letting me in..such is the show’s effect 🙂 You can go to


37 thoughts on “Yet another SMJ post-not

  1. Hame apka program bhut acha laga.ap ye bhuot acha kam kar rahe ho aur un dono repotar ko nyay delay. Thank you

    1. the link that I’ve provided is an official link of Star also has the feature to record the episode for later watch…hope you get to watch it!

      1. I watched half of it last night and was flabbergasted at the cruelty a human is capable of. Barbaric people! Will complete the episode this evening. I hope this show is not just a reality show but one that has an effect on people and helps do something to eradicate the stigma.

  2. i watched it in parts.. i felt it was too senti.. which would spoil my sunday.. but after reading your post now i regret for not watching it. the program is telecast in various channels in regional language.. i am sure the show is going to reach everyone and do something positive.

    1. I liked the approach of the show,it’s being aired on DD too which is still being watched in most areas….I hope it reaches to all corners and has a effect on people…

  3. Let us hope the purpose behind making it is served. The best part of it was the in-your-face attitude of it all, no sensationalism.

  4. I watched it brings out a different picture of India shining.. a dark true aide, which the rich educated and high class people live. Yet they blame it on the poor and others. It was sad to see people behave like that.

    I hope the show is not hijacked by others for their own private causes I hope it opens our eyes more wide open and jolts us to so something..

    Everyone is involved as it showed ..each one of us has a moral duty towards our nation if only we understand it…

  5. I can understand how you felt, I felt the same way. The show was so powerful, so sensitive, so sensibly done, it was overwhelming… it was like being in the blogosphere and listening to so many of us 🙂 My one thought was I want to add a link to this episode on my sidebar. I hope this show works like an antidote to all the saas bahu serials we have.

    Touched that you thought of me. Hugs.

  6. What a heart-rending song indeed! Yes Nu we are blessed for we have our daughters living in an environment where every moment of their life is celebrated and much cherished 🙂

    1. yes and we are blessed that we have such parents to have brought us up in gender bias free environment! and the song has been on my mind since then….

  7. I agree with what you’ve said.
    I didnt think this show would work.. but it does and I’m glad that it does because we need these issues addressed and change is needed desperately!

    I thought of IHM too! 😀

    1. at least the show made people talk about it and think too! If that’s the first step I guess it will be successful in it’s motive…we can hope so!

  8. I just commented on Bikram’s blog about this. I couldn’t want it as the video is banned in US. But, I will try for alternate sources and watch it for sure..

  9. I had missed the show on Sunday. I saw it yesterday morning, thanks to the Youtube link IHM had provided in her post. Just like you, I was completely overwhelmed .Hats off to Aamir Khan and the producers of the show. Hope SMJ keeps up the good work.

  10. Am I the only one in the whole wide world who did not watch it :/
    I was out on sunday and when I came back home everyone was crying watching that last song and I was like what the hell happened in here
    My mom recorded it and she watches it everyday

  11. I got to watch it just a couple of days ago- it was blocked here and I had to hunt and hunt for a video that worked. I can only say I am glad I did. It was heart-rending wasn’t it? It makes you feel lucky for everything we have. Daughters who are cherished, being daughters ourselves who were cherished and brought up with no discrimination whatsoever.. Hopefully shows like this will increase awareness and make it possible for every child to be cherished – irrespective of gender.

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