Take Away from ‘Satyamev Jayate’ Episode 2

The second episode too did a fairly good job in bringing in another evil of man kind-Child Sexual Abuse. It is indeed horrific as it sounds. The stories that were brought forward were,needless to mention,heart breaking.

I had two-fold intention to watch this episode-1. I want to watch the entire 13 episode series, of course and 2. Because I’m a parent now and I must ‘deeply’ go into ‘this’ matter. And my purpose of watching it served big time!

The learning :

>You should not respect the elders,you should respect their behaviour.

How true is that? Just because you are an elder you are allowed to do wrong? No way! You behave nice,you get respect nice! Deal!

>If your child is coming to you with some issue,hear her. Don’t ignore her.

A simple fact: A child who is at an innocent age,why would he lie about something so big like sexual abuse when he doesn’t even know what it means?

Whatever happens you must trust your child first and stand by her,to give her support and strength to come out in open and identify the culprit.

To hell with the age old fear ‘log kya kahenge‘ just think about ‘what my child is going through’

>Talk to your child often about good touch and bad touch!

The workshop:

>Aamir Khan conducted a very short & sweet workshop for children to understand what is ‘danger’ and what is ‘safe’ and what body parts one must not touch,in any case and if one must touch them that should only be in the presence of your parents.

These 3 body parts are- 1. Chest 2. Part between legs 3. Bottoms. 

The moment someone is trying to touch these parts you must resist,scream and run away from there.

Tell your child to tell each and everything to you [parents] no matter what. Which means you’ve to earn their trust and give them the confidence that whatever happens you’ll always be there,holding them tight!

The workshop is a must not forget drill parents should conduct with their children at regular intervals

The hard facts:

>Our country doesn’t have a law against this!

>In cases like oral child sex abuse the abuser can’t be punished because there is no ‘penetration’ of sexual kind!

>There is a bill pending in parliament on this which is not being taken on priority .

>Parents more often then not discard the signals coming from their child regarding this which makes the child feel guilty about himself.

I was astonished, broken and alert after watching this episode. We’ve such greater evils in the society to fight against and still we get down to a level to petty fights,sigh! 

Hats off to those who came on the television with their past life stories to share with the world. Unless someone comes out in open others will not take that ‘one’ necessary step of resisting and saying a strict NO! I thank those 3 vanquishers from the bottom of my heart!

We must take actions, We must be bold, We must protect our children and their childhood!

And the episode ended with another lovely song


28 thoughts on “Take Away from ‘Satyamev Jayate’ Episode 2

  1. a lovely post scribby.. and you have described it so very nicely.

    Sad that till now people would not accept this existed, if they did the law would have passed many many years ago .

    As you said We must take action , we must speak up , if it has not happened with us still because I am sure there is someone somewhere right next to us who has gone through it and probably doesn’t have the guts to say it out …

    Lets hope and work that our kids, or kids we know OR ANY KID has to go through this ever again …

    Thanks for sharing.

  2. It was really sad to see what all kids might have to go through coz of some psychos… The best part of the show was that workshop… It is important to talk about it and make the kids alert…

  3. Well onto blogging land after long and I think I have to catch up with lots of interesting post :-). I can’t tell you how moved I have been after just watching two episodes of this program. Was surprised beyond words when read criticism about “Aamir Khan” or so called “theoretical” approach of the program. Well, I had tweeted it as well that instead of focussing on Aamir Khan or bashing him why not focus on the content which he is trying to highlight. What he is showing is happening in our society and people amongst us are only doing it, at least be aware of what’s happening around you and do your bit! Loved, just loved the last two episodes and already looking forward to the third one. Not to forget those two soulful songs at the end of each episode, had tears in my eyes while listening to “O re chiraiya” song in the first episode.

    1. Exactly my point Kanu, it’s not about Aamir Khan..he is not even portraying his celebrity-ness in that show..he is just anchoring it and that’s that!

      As for the songs and all…oh tell me about it! I like the concept of songs at the end of the show…

      P.S. Just recalled I had read somewhere after the very first episode…the writer of that article said that this show is nothing but ‘social pornography’ , can you beat that? huh

  4. The episode was heart wrenching and CSA is not something that should be swept under the rug.
    Nice post Scribby. You have summed it up really well

  5. I have not watched that show – but I know CSA exists in India… It is not only creeps touching/abusing children but sometimes these creeps flaunt their body parts in front of their victims and asking them to touch etc… It is sick..
    as parents/adults we have to ensure safety of our children…I am hoping that in future no one has to endure any kind of abuse…Amen

    1. I think if you can start as early as possible…in some other way I mean…it’ll help 🙂 I’m going to do the same with Chirpy too 🙂 We think children are too small but they understand a lot!

  6. I wept a lot on seeing the guy having gone through such long years of hell. My heart went out for him. He must have been so broken from inside. But I appreciate the fact that he is coping well right now. But his mother like most parents didn’t know how to raise a voice and support her son. I wish she had more strength back then. It’s sad and disquietening that it happened with him while his mother knew.

    1. Yes that’s the most saddening part but as she said she thought of her sister and her marriage first rather thinking on how she could help her son…that’s why the episode made a very clear point-why would your child lie about such things, so trust your child and fight for him!

      1. Thats what I cannot understand. I’ve heard that child becomes the most important thing for a mother. And she still didn’t do anything. Animals and birds also try to protect their kids. But yes, it gave everybody a lesson.

        1. yeah that’s astonishing but usually things like CSA is not openly spoken or entertained in households which makes people feel shy to bring them out…but of course this is not a reason at all to not trust your child!

  7. Loved this post Scribby.

    You know what? I admire your way of efficiently categorizing any post under headers or pointers, the way you do your book reviews etc.

    We did the workshop with Mantam, they have memorized it all. Got to refresh it periodically though 🙂

  8. Yes yes yes! I LOVED this episode too – very hard hitting. I was also in tears seeing those people narrate their stories. Hard facts of life 😦 And yes – no matter how much I want to protect my child – I know I have to let go for him to fly! Thats a very thin line to walk on 😦

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