Life’s ups & downs-Looking Back 3

Whenever I’m upset about something,the thing called life,I remember my mother’s words.

She always says “Look below you and then thank god for what you have and then look above you and then ask strength from god to reach there,but never forget the fact that you’re still at a stage where the world has not come to an end,you still have hope and you must cling to it”

I always wonder how philosophical my mother can get but then thinking a little deep I realize that she ain’t wrong either. I must look down and may be then only I’ll realize how lucky I’m to be what I’m.

Past few days I’ve been thinking on these lines. How much can life get bitchy for anyone? Just when do you call it ‘hitting your all time lows’ ? While at it I ‘m reminded of not a very long ago real life story of a couple,who were ourย neighbors for a long while.

The couple and their only daughter was a perfect family one could think of. Happy, Cheerful and carefree. Their daughter was very special to them,for obvious reasons and for a special reason too. They had 3 sons before this daughter,who died within few days of their birth! And they had this daughter after going through this whole trauma for 10 years. So, of course the daughter was more than cherished.

Few months back the daughter died in a road accident-on the spot,phew! She was 21 years old and was all that the couple had in their life to call a blessing-which now god had asked back from them!

It’s heart breaking,head spinning tale,no? Ironically it is not a fictional one. I wish it could! I can’t even imagine what the couple must have gone through and still going through after loosing their daughter to a dirty word called fate. So technically they had 4 children and today it is just HAD and not have!

Looking at them, I realize I’ve not hit my all time lows, no! I should not dare say that cause I must thank god for being kind to me. Some ups and downs in life? Part of it….?

So, I buckle up, put a smile on my face and then tell myself “All is good”


16 thoughts on “Life’s ups & downs-Looking Back 3

  1. Shucks!!! It is so so so sad re! When you incidents like such you feel like thanking God for the blessings!

  2. Ohh! I’m shocked beyond words. How can this happen to them, in a row? All their kids die? I hope and wish and pray that they find strength within each other. I don’t thank God because I am better than them. I could never do that. ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

    1. thanking god on not that you’re better than them but in a way that your low hasn’t come yet cause we usually tend to crib on things in life but when we look around we realize these things are quiet trivial !

  3. Made me count my blessings n thank Him..

    I use to think at times, what all blessings life give us. But we have time only to complain n count what is missed out. How ironic! Hey na?

    As u said, wear a smile everyday. That is ur best attire! ๐Ÿ™‚

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