Crisp Fry Okra

As the name suggests this is a crisp deep fried okra with onions. The method can be seen by the pictures below.

It tastes yum. And I’m sure those who don’t heart Okra much,they’ll love this type too.

Scribby’s suggestions:

>Add a little salt and chaat masala to the fried Okra. It will serve as a quick yummy snack. Add a little for those who want a spicier version of the snack.

>You can add length wise slit tomatoes and keep everything else same. This version too tastes good.

Try if you haven’t yet and enjoy 🙂


36 thoughts on “Crisp Fry Okra

  1. Arey just have plain bhindi fry..its easier to make than adding the onions..though I love bhindi onions as well..

    Well if R sees this post, she will go yayayayay! Chirpy ki Mummy ko bhi Bhindi aacha lagta hai 🙂

  2. Aaaah the bhindi delight !!! Here a pack of 8 bhindis costs 250¥ /125 rupees !!! Imagine what we would gorge on when back in India 😉

  3. Yum! I make it the same way but with the bhindi cut into rounds. Will definitely try this as well 🙂

    The tastiest bhindi I had was one that a colleague of mine made – he used onion paste and some Andhra masala! It was just delicious! I’ve tried but have never been able to replicate it 😦

    1. Oh I’ve come across such recipe…wait let me search for it and pass it on to you…it’s called Andhra Bhindi only…I’ll send the link to you 🙂

  4. Yesterday we attended a birthday party and had ordered this dish, yummy is the word for it. Will make it for my ppl at home sadly I will stay away coz am on diet!

    And yes the dish looks yummY!

  5. I simply love bhindi. I use the very same recipe and its awesome! Yes I use the tomatoes too. But I cut the bhindi into small pieces as I like it like that, and its so difficult to fry it with all the slime. Apart from that its the easiest recipe.

  6. DROOOOL… I love crispy bhindi. Sadly, it never turns crispy unless its deep fried.. and we can’t afford to deep fry it every time.

    This is such a delicious treat!

    1. cutting vegetables in symmetrical way is something I’ve got from my mom and it’s kind of a fad for me to cut them exactly the same way,I know too much craziness 😉

  7. ladies finger.. i like it only when its deep friend.. i think this version of it, everybody who doesnt like ladies finger will also start liking.. pictures are too good.. you cut onions so well??

  8. Looks yummylicious! I have never tried this out. Will do so soon. 🙂 But then, I am not very fond of the bhindi in Bangalore. 😦

    Do you eat this with roti? Doesn’t it get too dry for rotis?

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