Dear Chirpy-On turning 1

Dear Chirpy,

I’m writing this letter a little late, no excuses just didn’t get peaceful time to pen down things,hence. Any way, couple of months back you turned one and thus our journey of growing up together crossed an year’s mark. 365 days of we being together, you being my daughter and me being your mother. You’ve no idea what does that mean to me…a mother of a cute little munchkin is something inexpressible, or at least your mamma doesn’t know how to.

You know Chirpy, you’ve taught me so much already. Being a mother is not something that is taught to us women in advance. No book, no Internet site or no Aunt can teach a women ‘how to be a mother’ neither there is any particular formula to be one. It comes to a woman naturally with the child coming in.

With you coming in my life I’ve learnt to be a different human being-more relaxed, sensible, composed, giving and especially letting go types. Not that these changes were what I always wanted in me and couldn’t make them, but these changes happening to me has made me look at myself with a different perspective. I know I’ve changed and I owe it to you cause I’m happy with this new me πŸ™‚

Okay before we move ahead, I’ve to honestly admit here that initial couple of months when you were handed over to me after the ‘delivery’, I was dumbfounded and confused and irritated. For a number of times I didn’t know what to do with you. I didn’t feel connected to you in the real sense-like you know the mother-daughter sense. I mean of course I cared for you and loved you and I cried at the drop of the hat if you went through some trouble but then the ‘connection’ was not there. I felt terrible for that. I felt guilty. I wanted that phase to go away. But it was there, stayed with me and stressed me. Your daddy was a handy support and he did help me to come out of the guilt, wipe away the fog of confusion and helped me gel well with you.

And when today I look at you I know I’m deeply connected to you. I don’t know if you will understand all this or no. May be not, may be you’ll understand it when you become a mother, or may be you’ll never understand this-it’s okay if you don’t but never forget that I’m just being plain honest with you and it happens in life. I never for a moment disliked you or something!

Okay let’s move on to some funny things now πŸ™‚ Past 2 weeks have been funnily tiring for me,you ask why? Oh, just because my little princess has decided to take up her walking expeditions so seriously that she doesn’t stop when she is awake!! Baby, you roam around the house so much so that now I’ve hopes that I might be able to loose , at least some,kilos of that unwanted fat πŸ™‚

You can speak your daddy’s name now and more often you call him by that only πŸ˜‰ Hmmm!!! And for mamma? Oh dear, you are being so biased towards Daddy that you’ve kind of completely ignored mamma 😦 sob sob! Now would you please turn your attention towards mamma too,please?

As I’ve already mentioned, you love dancing. I mean you can dance at any music which is playing in the vicinity-slow,hip-hop,instrumental,sad songs anything! You’ve that thing for dancing and once more I take pride in saying that ‘Beti bilkul Maa par gayi hai’ πŸ˜‰ Hehehe.. your daddy and I keep a score of whom are you taking after majorly, and right now mamma is winning, YAY πŸ™‚

Overall, I think we are doing good and the coming year too looks okay to me ,as of now, cause there are lot of mamma’s friends who keep scaring her of children showing signs of ‘terrible twos’ way before the time and all that stuff. But I’m gearing up and making myself ready for that too, oh I mean I’m ‘trying’ to but you know Chirpy there is nothing called ‘being prepared’ in this parenting business,yeah I’m telling you!

You know last week I skimmed through lot of your old clothes to be given away to the needy as well as to your cousin who is on the way in few months πŸ™‚ Although I’m glad your clothes would be of great use to the new babies, part of my heart broke into tinyΒ pieces 😦 Oye what? Don’t call me sentiΒ  like your daddy does,okay? I’m a MOM and I’m allowed to be like that,period! You don’t know that I can feel you in those clothes,even today! You have no idea what I feel when I hold your red and white dolphins romper close to my cheeks…..wait, let’s not talk about this anymore,sob!

Chirpy, you are one and we had so much fun. Oh how can I forget to mention that the party went well and throughout the party you were all the while smiling and playful. Also, you literally asked people to hand over the colorful packed boxes,they wereΒ carrying,to you the moment you saw them entering the hall.How shameless πŸ˜‰ Thankfully you didn’t cry on being passed from person to person numerous times. Our good luck that you yourself enjoyed the party so well that we attended the guests properly, in fact most of the times when someone asked where would you be right now I had to really look around for you and then direct people saying there she is with so and so….one thing is for sure-you enjoy being pampered, youΒ enjoyΒ being gifted and you enjoy being with people! Another trait taken from me πŸ˜‰ Daddy are you counting? πŸ˜›

Babes, there are so many things that are waiting for us. So much to do in life together. I’m waiting for ‘that’ time of future with skipping a beat in between while looking back at you as a baby…..stop giving me that ‘offo’ look cause I’m a mother and I will always want you to grow up as well as stay a baby πŸ˜€

With all my love,

Yours Aai!


22 thoughts on “Dear Chirpy-On turning 1

  1. Awwww… is birthday posts in the air? I wrote one myself first, then read RM’s, then read SnS’s and now yours… Wishing chirpy a wonderful year ahead and you too momma.. god bless.

  2. You shud have reminded idiots like me , I would have loved to wish chirpy on HER DAY, my bad
    but my heartiest wishes to her , Many many happy returns of the day and wishing her a very happy birthday …

    Lots and lots of love to the little one ..

  3. aww…such a sweet post and you have no idea how I am grinning like an idiot reading about how she loves to dance to any songs :mrgreen: tab ne band di samdhan bahu ki jodi I tell you πŸ˜›

    hugs to the darling and of course to the sent mama…..we have the birth rights to be sent about all those little things even when they go to college na? I still have Sammy’s first clothes, shoes and what not πŸ™„

    1. yesh yesh rab ne bana di jodi πŸ™‚ hehehehe I’m imagining how actually it would be if whatever we are discussing turns out to be true πŸ˜› πŸ˜› πŸ˜› lol

      senti and mammas? deep relationship,period! πŸ™‚

  4. awww.. such a sweet post.. i am sure chripy would treasure it life long.. even i become senti when i look at bunty’s old cloths.. so many memories related to it na.. just saved few dresses to show her when she grows old..

  5. When I read the title of the post I was a little taken aback because I remember we had delivered around the same time πŸ˜€

    And yes this phase is magical na? I can so so so relate to you, them learning a new thing daily and teaching us 10 new things in process!

    Belated B’day wishes to Chirpy!

    Psst you are late by how many months?

    1. heheeh yeah! h magical in all a little human being can teach us so many things and without even making that seem like teaching…life’s interesting πŸ™‚

      Chirpy came to our lives in April…and your little one?

  6. you should take print outs of these letters to Chirpy and keep them in a diary or something for her to read…blogs /wordpress ka kya bharosa!

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