Mommy Things

Becoming a mommy changes your life 180 degrees,agree? If not, then it is likely that you will not agree to the entire post too but you can still read on.

I won’t say because of those 180 degrees the me person has changed upside down,well you can imagine how I would look,right? Ah forget it 😛 but yeah these changes are worth noting down.

These are few things that the mother in me has experienced so far:

~I’ve become more tolerant of-unkempt-ness and untimely-ness. [why can’t this ‘ness’ be added to all words? I don’t like this red lining under these words the WP dictionary is showing me]

~I smell less of perfumes and more of baby things-well you know what these baby things are,no?

~I’ve learnt to accept myself the way I’m-flabby and fatty,all in the name of baby fat which refuses to go even after my baby is no more called a baby now [not that all mommies are like me but I’m,sigh]

~I’m getting used to that ‘tug in the heart’ while watching my baby do things and feeling proud of her.

~I’m getting crazier to note/record everything related to my baby [for future use-for me and/or her? whatever but for future use,that’s the idea!] so much so that it drives people around me crazy too for I make them do things like pose like this,record your voice,write a message in the book-you get the drift?

~I want to cook 4 meals for my princess-all different on every day to provide her different tastes and textures of food. Yes, go ahead and say I want her to be a gluttonous foodie like me,oh I agree!

~Ignoring the Husby sometimes and catering to Chirpy most of the times, but oye the husband is engrossed in the daughter too,so we are even 😛

~Fretting less for certain issues in life cause what do they call it,yeah, complacency has entered my life,so I think!

~Learnt sharing so what if it is with only Chirpy and not in general-like chocolates,ice creams and the likes you know? [But considering I didn’t like sharing even with the Husby this is a huge change no?]

~Have accepted the fact that Chirpy loves pooping in new diapers only. The moment her diaper is changed she kinds of feels the itch to poop. Earlier I used to say ‘why Chirpy why?’ and now I say ‘Go ahead,poop babes, you’ve got new diaper on’ 😀

~I’ve stopped figuring out ‘hows and whys’ of baby dictionary. Now I’ve kind of adopted hers in which they are taught that a NO=YES and stuff like that!

~I bathe in 5 mins now which earlier was 10-15 mins. And I have no regrets, in fact I love the time that is saved with the same cleanliness,well yeah!

~I have my lists of shouting ‘Dos and Don’ts’ at Chirpy already,sigh, the poor baby-few that have already thrown at her are ‘don’t take off your shoes’, ‘don’t spill the water from the straw cup’,’don’t run around so fast,you’ll fall’….oh is it me,hmmm seems like!

~My playlist has changed to nursery rhymes and baby songs while in car, while browsing the Internet and oh TV too!

~I look at my sleeping baby at least 15 times and throw a kiss in her direction and feel all so mushy,mommy thing that,are we not talking about that only?

~Before delivery,the brave me proudly said with the chin high that ‘I wouldn’t mind leaving my baby behind and going out for a couple hours with the Husby/friends’. Well I do that but then not with that chin high and all that attitude..I’ve to think about the baby,like 100 times,back home and feel a little guilty that I left her home,so what she doesn’t understand it all yet and that she is in safe hands of her grand mother?

~Have known and experienced that being a SAHM is a job that doesn’t start or end at a specific time. It is governed by the child’s desire and clock.

~I’ve realized that I can think so many years ahead of time like of the times when Chirpy will go to the college!! Yes there is a time machine got fitted in me,automatically!!!

~I came to know that the ever relaxed sleeper like me who never liked anything near her while she is asleep except few pillows around can also sleep peacefully with her 6 month young baby on her tummy,entire night, in fact she looked forward to such nights in a row!

~Understood the responsibility of being at Chirpy’s side to soothe her cause whatsoever in other situations, while in distress she needs only me around and she sticks to me exactly like a the baby monkey sticks close to the mommy monkey.

~Learnt to accept that motherhood is not only all good things but also an emotionally devastating and physically tiring process.Having said that accepting this doesn’t mean regretting being a mother or something but being practical and open about everything that being a mother means.

I’ve always tagged motherhood as magical and I believe it is magical in its own way. All things my mother did for me or does for me,come running in my head while I’m playing a mothers role now. I want to play the ‘best’ mom to my child though I realize that there does not exist any such thing like best mom cause you can’t compare moms,every mom is the best to her child in her own way! I want to learn and grow with my child ! I want to hold her tight and protect her and guide her and want to set her free when the time comes. I want to do it bravely and not shed a tear at that cause she’ll go away for her own good for how long will I keep her under my wings. Motherhood will always be a special gift to me from the Almighty. Thinking of which I’ll always be proud of being a woman!   

Pic from Mamamem Blog

32 thoughts on “Mommy Things

  1. awesome post 🙂 I am so afraid of this responsibility!!! its worse than getting married not that I am 😀 me and my frens do discuss it sometimes that teaching kids can be so difficult.

  2. Wow this is just so sweet and straight form heart !!! The recording every moment for future use,the smelling of baby things,the hanging on like a monkey baby and the sleeping on the tummy…being a mom is indeed a mixed bag of emotions i guess !!! Loved the last para too especially the 2nd line about your mother 🙂 🙂 Best wishes !!

  3. you my girl, should be banned from putting up such posts…you made me so mushy early in the morning…Muah to the bestest mom to the cutest Chirpy 🙂 Big big hugs…

  4. Such a true post! I’ve been in your shoes so I know how difficult this phase it. Arre yaar flab ko maaro goli. If you find time, think of doing some exercise like brisk walk and do focus on your nutrition too. Flab bhi nikal jaayega :-). Absolutely loved the last lines — each mom is doing her best. Each mom is perfect!

  5. This is such a wonderful post and I was nodding most of the time.
    Motherhood changes us a lot and no amount of preparation can ready us for what is about to happen in future!!! But yes it is a wonderful thing all way!

  6. i couldnt disagree to any of the words.. you almost wrote everything what i do with my baby on weekends.. it make you so happy doing things for baby na.. even i do the diaper part, my hubby thinks i am crazy.. :)..

  7. Beautiful.. I am not a mother. But still Scribby, when my sis delivered a baby girl, all my attention turned to her. When I go out for shopping, all I search for is baby dress, toys and all that. My friends used to tease me telling how my interests changed in a few days after her birth.. 🙂 If this could be my feeling, how sweet will you mothers be feeling?? Motherhood is truely special!

    1. It does wonders to a woman 🙂 mothers,aunts all alike Merry girl…by the way for some reasons I can’t stop calling you ‘merry girl’ 🙂 Hope you don’t mind?

  8. Can so relate to your list 🙂 Don’t we the “liberated women” have to eat our words as soon as we become mothers 😀 But I have a fundamental objection to what the picture says “Motherhood is a choice to make someone else’s happiness ahead of your own.” That is not true. We still put our own happiness and well being ahead of everything else. It is just that now our own happiness and well being depends on the happiness of another human being closely. And hence we strive to make that little human happy.
    I guess essentially I don’t like when motherhood is equated with sacrifices. We always get back more in terms of joys than the labor we do, no? So, why call it a sacrifice?

    1. I totally agree on the point of motherhood being equated with sacrifice but then that’s how that is said! any way as long as we mothers have our priorities right in place and we know we are doing stuff not in order to sacrifice but to live our own joys, I think things are fine,yeah? 🙂

  9. All mothers are working mothers 🙂
    A mother is a person who seeing there are only four pieces of pie for five people, promptly announces she never did care for pie. ~Tenneva Jordan

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