Chirpy-ness Begins!

I’m my favorite, koi doubt mat rakhna dil mein :

I’ve to look into the mirror at every single chance that I get. I’ve to look in the mirror whenever I’m doing something-to see how it looks. Whenever I wear a new dress I know and I will first take a look in the mirror. As if all this wasn’t enough I’ve now started pulling my own cheeks while looking in the mirror and give a beeeg smile to self.

I so love sharing:

I’ve to share my food with you,for sure. If you are feeding me something-that becomes ‘my’ food but if I’m eating something on my own-that becomes ‘our’ food and I take the whole responsibility to feed others around me. And you toh know my feeding style-I put the morsel right inside the mouth of the other person along with my hand too..well depends how big your mouth is and how much my hand can go in!

I’m named chakri:

Since I’ve started walking they say it causes them headache. They have to run after me and honestly I quiet enjoy that scene ;). Har jubaan par aajkal mera hi naam hota hai… Wherever I go or whatever I do people run behind me and keep a watch,I feel like a celebrity 🙂 Mamma calls me a chakri which she defines as one who keeps rotating all the time,oh well…!

Mamma is all in one to me:

I love gymming. I love kushti. And I love biting. And I love my mamma very much. So putting all these together means I love doing all this with mamma. I keep telling her she is my all time gym, playground, pehelwan [giggles], teether and the list goes on according to my wishes 🙂 Yes, my aai is flexible that ways,she becomes whatever for me whenever I want to 🙂

I love long drives:

Well yes,already! Mamma tells me since the time I was in her tummy I used to love being in the car,driven. She tells me I kicked her whenever they mentioned ‘long drive’ 🙂 Now a days Daddy takes me to drives,though not long, and I totally the me and daddy time.He is a sane man I’m telling you,less fussy and I guess more patient. I love being with him and now toh I can call his name too so it’s more between friends now than daddy-daughter 🙂 He often calls me ‘my dauteer’ and I love it!

My current language ‘PFL’:

Though mamma tells me that pointing fingers is not good but what to do, I can only state my point by pointing my finger no? I’m yet to talk but they say I babble a lot and they try to figure out what I just said. Once mamma and daddy even had a debate on what I possibly said and I was watching all the fun you see 🙂 !!! Any way if you want to talk to me please come prepared with the knowledge of ‘pointing fingers language’ okie? [RM Massi, mamma tells me this ‘okie’ comes from you :)]


23 thoughts on “Chirpy-ness Begins!

  1. AWWW.. so cute.. sp nice she shares the food, loves long drive and mama is the gym is the best part.. 🙂
    pointing fingers, yes bunty also does this, when she wants the gems and biscuit and she exactly knows where they are kept. s
    standing in front of mirror is kids favorite time i think, mine shouts in front of mirror and observes how she looks and smile at herself..

  2. She is turning out ot be a charmer already??? *hugs* to her love reading about her antics! I feel this is the best phase of our life. Seeing a child grow and learning something with them daily 🙂

  3. Aww! Chirpy baby! hugs! You keep mumma busy ok? Esp with the kusthi!! 😛 😉
    hugs and loads of love to you and your beautifl mumma!

  4. yes yes baby..okie is the right way of telling it…you go girl! no matter how much your Aai and Baba try to change it to ‘okay’ it doesnt have the right sound and feel like ‘okie’ okie??

    Muah to you darling

  5. yes chakri…keep running…and your mom will lose those extra fats…and will be eligible for the Santoor AD!!!!

    Muahhhhh and Hugzzzz to Chirpy:*

    Gayu masi:*

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