What are the top five websites you’d hate to live without?

So,finally I gave in to the temptation of WP offering new post ideas on side menu of the dashboard. Since long I’ve been thinking to pick them up..some of them even brought a smile on my face when I thought of them…good ideas those,honestly!

Okay so this title is given by WP automatically…’Which are the 5 sites I can’t live without’…err..wait..can’t live without? Well,let’s make it can’t do without,okay?

1. GoogleΒ 

google hamari mata hai, hame kuch nahi ata hai! [sounds okay?]

2. Facebook

Booked by face,Β come onΒ guys life is a race [err lame,eh?]

3. Gmail

Mail mein mail, hamara Gmail [Another lame ;)]

4. WordPress

Iske barein mein kuch bhi kahu hoga less, bas type karo words aur karte raho enter press! [hihihi !]

5. Youtube

Songs,craft,cooking,movies…jo chaho dikhaye youtube, aisi hai iski khoobi!!!

I don’t think there is any more explanation needed,other than my quirky attempts here,as to why these websites are important to me,right? πŸ™‚

What are your top 5s?

34 thoughts on “What are the top five websites you’d hate to live without?

  1. My top 4 is the same- I hardly use Youtube 😦 I blog hop for food ideas – a lot, So I guess I can add that as well- so I would combine WP and blogger. I also lurk on twitter – I use it to get my morning news dose πŸ™‚ So that could be my 5th.

  2. interesting.. my top 5 are
    1. google – we already rechristened as “google parents” you know
    2. gmail – for that happy moment when someone emails me.. not that any ad emails but the ones with personal touch.. Now that I said it send me one okie?
    3. bankofamerica – of course to check if salary is credited and track my expenses. my living depends on my paycheck 😦
    4. wordpress – that lets me share and record all good and little bad things about my darling..
    5. facebook – to be connected πŸ™‚

  3. you see I am jobless today πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€
    to check my favorite sites I just did a “New Tab” in chrome browser and that showed my frequently accessed sites right away.. technology hmm…

  4. lol!!! Good one πŸ™‚
    My sites?
    – Google – blogger/ reader/ gmail
    – NDTV for news
    – Rediff for movie related news
    – Hindustantimes – news
    – wordpress to read blog s:)

  5. good one
    LOL, was going to post a similar one in my Blog, but will share it here

    Last week i was preparing for an official presentation. the conversation with Samu goes like this.

    Samu: Mama aap kya kar rahe ho??
    Me: I am working, don’t disturb me beta, you go and play na..plzzz
    Samu: Aap Google mein kya kaam kar rahe ho??
    Me (amused): mama kuch search kar rahi hai, I am not getting that
    Samu (thinks for a while) Accha, toh mama GOOGLE GOD hai kya???. he will give you what you want kya???

    So now we know how much we rely on GOOGLE:)

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