‘Gifts’ theory

We all love recieving gifts,don’t we? Oh this question is a foolish one! Of course everyone loves gifts!

Gifting,as we all would agree,is a little difficult task at hand. Today despite of so many options available,it has only become more difficult to pick up the right gift suiting the receiver and our pockets too.

But even after so many hurdles of buying gifts,we buy one with love and gift it to the said person. Picture this: you’ve put all your energy and racked your brains and poured your love and blessings in a gift which the receiver just trashes like that saying it’s not his/her type or brand! Whoa,how will it feel? pinching? Hurting? Of course it does!

I just came across this post by Momofrs. I so agree with what she has stated in latter section. There are people who just don’t bother about other’s feelings. I’ve come across people who don’t really give a damn what others might have given to them with love. Giving importance to only money and brand part of the gift is something I dislike.

For example, I get some salwar suit material / saree  which I might never buy for myself cause of quality/designs/patterns or whatever. But if it has come from someone I know has spent their love and time and of course money in it, I’ll surely wear it, at least once, if not always. I try to treasure such gifts,as much as possible,even if I don’t wear them/use them. And this I’m not writing for the sake of writing this post but I truly do this-reason being I care for the people who love me and gift me with love.

From the blog of gift and basket ideas

Having said this,on the other hand,there are people who just don’t care while picking up gifts and they bring it just for the sake of it.

Like on Chirpy’s b’day we received a toy car which was gifted by-please note- a rich woman,doctor by profession.

Now the gift was something like this:

>The toy car that was in the box was not properly packed-okay not an issue.

>The carton was torn-a bit of a problem.

>The car clearly looked used and a tyre band was missing from one of the four tyres-not acceptable!

Now such gifts definitely put me off. This goes to show how careless one is and how much importance do we hold in their life 😦

I mean,for that doctor lady, affording a ‘new’ gift is not impossible. Even if I consider that she might be in jiffy and hence got something packed which was easily available, okay in that case I would have appreciated if she would have walked-in empty handed. Now one might say, it would be embarrassing, so in that case she could have handed over an envelope with minimal amount-much easier an option no? I mean if gifting is so much of importance then…

However low priced the gift is it has to be new if it is a gift,right? Usually who love us and are close to us won’t give a used gift and if at all they have to they’ll have a way to tell us! And digesting the fact that someone who can afford a new gift came with an old used one,is a bit difficult,no?

With hand on my heart I say that if a person,however rich or not,comes without a gift but lot of blessings and love for us,I’ll be very happy…but if a person,however rich or not,comes with a used gift BUT no love,I might not really like it!

So,there are types of gifters and we must realize the difference. So hug the ones who love and care for you and cherish their gifts,cheap-costly-used-new-branded-whatever, as long as you can…even if you don’t want to cherish them forever, don’t trash them just like that,instead give them to someone who will make a good use of the stuff,yeah? But better try to retain them,gifts sent/given with love shall always bring a smile on your face…no matter how old you or the gift gets!

While on this topic there is one more thing attached to this gifting business-Re-gifting. I don’t have assorted thoughts about it but I’m sure people who re-gift they make sure that the gift is in right condition. What’s your take on this whole gifting business?


22 thoughts on “‘Gifts’ theory

  1. Totally with you on this. Gifts are a gesture which can make a hell lot of difference to the one who is getting it, Difference because the one who is recieving it feels that this is love which is being passed on and the indifference of the giver can be hurtful. As you it wud be tad better to not to gove than to give half heartedly!!!!

  2. I have been told outright that we would want cash rather than gifts in case of family functions. In case, we go to some kids birthday party, I make sure it is an article which is useful to the kid and not just a show-piece toy.

    I agree with you on the saree/ salwar bit. Some of the sarees which I received from my extended relatives was simply horrible, but I still have it for keep-sakes, just so because I know they took effort in purchasing not knowing my taste.

    It is wrong to re-package any used gift in the first place. How could that lady do so 😐

  3. Totally agree!!!
    But picture this… Someone gifting you things, be it expensive, cheap or even used ones, and later on demanding to RETURN it just because they thought the receiver would be their doormat but realized it was just a shattered dream. I’m a victim and I’m most happy to throw it back on their face.

  4. Like I told on her blog, I prefer giving cash most times, because I am clueless about what to give..does it really mean that I dont ‘care enough’ about the other person…well, I dont know…I give cash with the only intention that ‘if I give a gift, and the other person doesnt like it, whats the point of the gift’ I would rather give cash so that the other person can buy what they want!

    I, ofcourse, am known in social circles for being rude!

    1. nope as I said giving cash is the best idea! The bestest than giving used stuff,no? Most of the times we end up giving cash for the same reasons for we don’t know what the other person would really want…on other times we gift books,crafts stuff,laminated/framed photos etc…but of course the gift depends on how much we know the person well..

      so I don’t think you’re rude in any way!

  5. I’m guilty of passing on the gifts too. Esp the birthday gifts received for my kids that I am sure that they will not play with. But of course I keep them new and untouched and I ensure that the ones from close friends and relatives are kept. Do you think that is a fiar strategy.

    1. Oh passing on the new gifts is totally alright according to me too…what if we have something in duplicate or we know that we are not going to use it…it might be of good use to others..I only keep stuff which has come from people that are very close to me,even if the gift is a not of very much use to me…

      I think you are doing the right thing 🙂

  6. hmmmmmmm well scribby I dont mind any gifts coming my way 🙂
    You know I am the worst gift picker , I have tried going to shops to find gifts for friends or kids or anyone and I just cant decide what to buy, there is always something that I like more than what I have just chosen.

    and its a myth that richer one is the better gifts they give , well the reason they are rich is because that’s how they have saved money to become rich…

    I dont understand the mentality of the people, I am one If i give a gift i make sure its relevant .. price ticket has not bothered me , I give what i think the other will like it may be for Rs.100 or it may be for Rs,1000..

    although nowadays I prefer to give money, its easier, I was once asked How come i bought a gift for a child costing 20quid and bought another child a present for 50quid.. I did not know what to say at the mentality .. did the parents go and check the price at a store and then compared it ..

    its much easier to put money in a envelope and give that way no one can have any problem whatsoever ..

  7. yes I totally agree with you Scribby. Samu recived a colourpencils set this year and half of the colours were used ones. I really got pissed off. she is the same lady who keeps bragging about her new car and her three maids and blah blah…but the gift she gave..huh!!

    I never knew people could do this with children. Kids eagerly wait and are so excited to open the gifts.
    Strange people

  8. this reminds me, when i got married, my mom’s friends discussed among themselves and with my mom and got me all kitchen appliances, like pressure cooker, rice cooker, food processor, juicer etc etc. so nothing repeated and i just moved into a new city and just started my house without any difficulty. my friends gave me money as they thought i would use it the way i want it, in fact i said that i would prefer money than carry a gift all the way from chennai to vizag. but when ever i receive money from friends i make sure i buy something really useful and show them later that this is what i bought, i dint waste your money. in fact in our friends group for wedding gifts, we have made it a rule to ask the person what they want and buy it within the budget, if it exceeds, we ask the person to money from their pocket for the gift( it is an understanding, nobody makes a fuss on it).
    i do the recycling, as i don’t have much of place and its repetitive of an item. and it so happened that in that cycle i got the same thing back for another occasion. 🙂 .. ( such things do happen ok)

    talking about expecting gifts, my sister always orders what she wants as a gift for her b’day a month before.. 😛 .. and she gets it too.. i dont get confused what to buy…

    for close friends i do personalize the gifts and surprise them.. it always turned out to be hit than a flop till now.. except for onces when my mother told, i would have felt happy if i got that instead of this.. 😦
    talking about the gift options, depends in people, there those who are happy just with greeting cards, few who complain about wrong design even if u get diamonds.. so, nothing is best or worst.. 🙂

    note: this is what i wrote to RM’s post also.. 🙂

  9. Hey, it’s really bad the way this lady gave a used gift….
    if i am comfortable with somebody then i always ask what is it they need, i also ensure that whatever i am buying for gift is returnable and inform the same to the person receiving gift…
    Though most of the time i prefer to give either cash or gift voucher….
    Again, i am not good with maintaining things, but there are few things that i cherish a lot..like my books and my 1st calculator given to me by my uncle when i joined engineering….

  10. To me people’s sentiments while giving the gift are more important. I hate it when someone gifts just for the sake of giving. As for gifting myself, I do make an effort in trying to get the best thing (that I feel) that the person would like. And I am not very comfortable gifting money… for wedding gifts where there is a chance of your gift getting duplicated I prefer gifting vouchers more than money… somehow feel there is more personal touch in that 🙂

  11. In general my take on gifting business on such occasions where many gifts are expected and there may be repetitions, its best to give cash.

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