I’ve committed one of those 7 cardinal sins

Which one do you think it is? *guess*

What’s been happening in my kitchen since few days now,ever wondered? oh well!

Now that I’m guilty of ‘gluttony’ let me commit another sin by sharing the pictures….

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The ice cream that you see,yeah up there,in tempting yellow orange color is made from mangoes from the tree in the backyard 🙂

And the pull apart buns that you see in the slide show,yeah up there, in golden brown slurp-y picture,oh well they tasted as yummy as they are looking by the way ;), yeah so they were baked after seeing Deeps and Suranga make it, taking the recipe from Sin-a-mon !!

Are you in state to read up any more info on the other food items in the pics? Eggplant fritters,eh?

*Hmm I guess I must hide now for most of you would be after me to kill for posting food pics in the middle of the week and especially when you are trying to loose weight and/or at work and/or can’t have it right way, yeah? tada :D*


43 thoughts on “I’ve committed one of those 7 cardinal sins

    1. I might as well save but the weather would not let them stay,so come soon if you really want them fresh and juicy..as it is the mango season has almost ended 😦

      1. I know day before my EVIL FRIENDS , EVIL they are all, went to my house in chandigarh and took pics of them plucking the mangoes and then EATING THEM too sitting right there in the middle of our garden and also SMILING and giving me the thumbs up..

        who needs enemies when we have friends like this 😦

  1. Scribby,

    Those are absolutely yummy and the ice cream is from the mangoes ? Boo hoo – I want a mango tree also 😦
    I loved the pictures. they inspired me so much. I have eggplants and will make those fritters right away tonight or tomo.
    such a great post 🙂

  2. Awesome yummy pics. Doesn’t help that I haven’t had my breakfast yet. You must be an awesome cook for having made all that at home. Did you use ice cream maker for the ice cream?
    Recipe for the eggplant fritters please 🙂

    1. Hey Wanderer, am not an awesome cook or something,just that I’ve started loving experiments..made the ice cream, fritters and the buns for the first time 🙂

      No I didn’t use the ice cream maker..just the blender…

      I’ll post/email the recipe for fritters shortly 🙂

  3. Indeed it’s a SIN scribby .. you have posted but not shared… I want allllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll 🙂 Yummm they look. How did the garlic rolls turn out to be?? I had tried them too.. loved every bite wid it..wid extra butter 😉

  4. All the pictures brought happy memories to me 😀
    Loved the variety…I can imagine how much fun Chirpy must be having when her mum is such a lovely cook 😀

  5. Yummy….not fair…you can’t do this…except for the Eggplant Fritters. I don;t like Brinjal, so maaf kiya…but the rest…hmmmmm……

    What are you cooking this weekend??? I shall come:)

  6. Wow!! Absolutely drool-worthy pics!! 🙂 You should be sued for putting them up. 😦 If you want to be saved, send a parcel to Bangalore NOW!! Any of these items will do. 🙂

    BTW would honestly love to have the recipes for all of these stuff, if they are home-made. Especially the eggplant fritters. Please to share.

    1. hahaha my pleasure TGND>..send me the address and you’ll see me with the food 😀

      Yes all these things are all home made 🙂 will share the recipes shortly 🙂

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