The commenters of B-town

In our B-town,the commenters play an imperative role. Areh, B-townΒ yaane apana blog world πŸ™‚ Everyone love comments, I mean ‘who doesn’t’ is the question? Though many might not be greedy of comments but seeing people comment on one’s post makes the writer happy,without doubt,no?

When there are plethora of blogs around there ought to be umpteen readers too. But are all readers commenters?…of course we have heard about ‘lurkers’ so we know for sure that there are readers who don’t comment,well always.

But this post is not about lurkers.This is about the types if commenters, according to me, present in this B-town. Just used my otherwise-lying-like-that brain and came up with the following categories of commenters.

Disclaimer:Β This is not directed towards any person.This is just a funny Β post and must be taken lightly. Written for the purpose of laughing,anyone resembling the below mentioned types must consider this coincidental!

1. Agog Commenters:Β These are the ones who would comment on each and every post they read. They have to write a comment ,of course,because they have things to say on the posts. But also, when they don’t have much to say they’ll not leave without writing-in principle they are here to read and write,period!!! And mind you,these are the most loved ones in the B-town πŸ™‚ cause they are sweet yet they’ll speak their mind out !!

2. Indolent Commenters:Β These are the ones who will read a lot of blog posts for they love reading but they don’t really intend to comment on all or any posts. Typically speaking ‘lazy bums’ and/or have no time or access to comment on the blogs but mostly they are lazy πŸ˜›

3. Tight lipped Commenters:Β These commenters could be shy and/or secretive to the core. These do not wish to come out in open. They might have a lot to say on the topics they read on blogs but they don’t feel like typing in a few lines cause they are happy in their own world of thoughts. But they love reading for sure and so they do.Commonly these are called lurkers in the B-town!

4. Periodic Commenters:Β These are the ones who will come and go on your blogs.Reasons being-they comment only on the posts they feel like commenting and/or have something to say on the topic AND they randomly decide to comment on some posts on this blog and some posts on that blog. No fixed quota of how many times these comment on a particular blog. Mostly these would prefer not to lift the fingers to tap the key board for commenting on each post they read.Though,they might as well sometimes leave their mark on your blog by ‘liking’ your post,indicating that they were present and have read your post and are not hiding. These can also be called as unplanned/seasonal readers.

5. Adept Commenters:Β These are the ones who are well read,well researched and experienced too. They will write something very very relevant on the post and would not shy away from sharing some personal experiences too. They’ll not only comment but will throw some light on the post by adding their 2 cents too.

6. Constant Commenters: These love your blog,no matter what. Once they’ve arrived they’ll stay like forever. These are your blog’s BFFs. They would comment seriously and religiously and timely too. They won’t miss your posts even on a single day unless in unavoidable situations like ‘travelling’ or ‘boss-sitting-on-the-head’ Β etc. The other commenters comment on the same day or not but these shall stand by the blog all the time πŸ™‚ And these not necessarily carry the same attitude for other blogs,the love is especially for your blog πŸ™‚ so needless to say these too are the most loved ones since they motivate the writer to write often.

7. Intentional Commenters:Β These ones will comment on your posts regularly but their comments would tell you that they do not read the posts properly and just skim through them.They comment with a goal of creating an impression of a regular and loyalΒ commentersΒ but all they want in turn is-for you to visit their blog and increase the readership and number of comments there.

8. Tacit Commenters: These are the ones who would not type more than a smiley or ‘nice’ or ‘agree’ or ‘me likes’. I’m guessing,they have things to say but they are either lazy or secretive to not share things. Mostly,they think the writer has covered all the points so nothing left for them to add hence they just type in one word or one line comments and their job finished.But they do read your posts and they comment for sure.

9. Give and takeΒ commenters:Β These have a simple rule in life-you comment on your blog,they comment on yours.Β hai naΒ simple?

9. Rude Commenters: Yes these exist too. Though these are not in majority but these mostly intend to disagree with whatever the writer has written in the post and post a comment proving how wise and correct they are and the rest of the world is,well,like stupid! Usually they’ll comment under the name of ‘anonymous‘ without leaving trails!

10. Spam Commenters: And then there are these types! These are known to each and every blogger-new and old alike.These can comment anything on any post-like commenting on a serious/grieving post about peanut butter cookies is what they do, you know them right? We shall not speak further about them!

And finally there could be a category which isΒ Mixed of all.Β I think we all can come under any of the above category any time,for one reason or the other,right? πŸ˜€

Do you think there are any other type of commenters? What does your blogging experience say about commenters?


56 thoughts on “The commenters of B-town

      1. And there is another type they are gender oriented.. For example a guy will comment only on those blogs whose authors are female.. I know some who do only that.. And not on male blogs and vice versa too..

        There is also a kind who love the like button you can write anything they will like it and also the ones who give tumbs down to your comments on all blogs you go..

        I am sure you read the post I put πŸ™‚ see blogging for so many hears I learnt a few things toooo he he he he he

  1. Hey, It was a good read all through…
    Well I’m totally new to this blogging sphere.. so I’m yet to find out as to which category I fall into…
    Anyway’s I must say it was impressive!! πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

  2. Those are nice categories out there. Sometimes I’m lazy and most of the times I say if I have something strong of say about the post. Else I pass πŸ™‚

  3. hmmmm.. this is making me think which category i belong to?? also thinking can there be any category..
    yes got it.. follow up commenter.. who doesn’t stop with reading the post and comment, but also comment for an existing comment and making a thread of comments.. :)..

  4. I was a tight lipped “commenter” for a long time and then decided to come out in the open πŸ™‚ It is more fun this way πŸ™‚ But wondering which category I belong to now πŸ™‚

  5. well..I can say what I am not – Indolent, tight lipped, rude and spam πŸ™‚ and also not constant cuz neither I am timely nor do I have reader blog posts coming into my email so as to jump as soon a blogger posts and mark first!

    1. hahaha so you don’t fall in these categories, then which one? I think you are like me…’Sip Reader/Commenter’ one who likes to read her blogs with a sip and leisure ? πŸ˜€

  6. hehe! I am the indolent commenter… I can (like I did now!) but I wont comment πŸ˜€
    I read most of your posts but have commented only on 2-3 posts till now! Or, does that make me a lurker?

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