Ageing? Errr..Umm..well!

So, I keep denying that age is taking over me and that I’m now getting onto the other sides of 30s,well not literally,but yeah slowly..but when things like these happen to me, I tend to loose my stand..hell, I’m ageing,so!

Remember the last post when Gail brought Sunshine to me? Yeah,so I was supposed to pass that sunshine to other lovely bloggers around too,which of course I totally forgot!

So consider this a part 2 of the previous post,okies? [RM‘s fever catching up on me big time,I’m telling you :)]

Here are the bloggers I want to pass on the Sunshine to:

  1. R’s Mom
  2. Rachna Says
  3. Wanderer [thanks for reminding me sweetie :)]
  4. Visha
  5. Jas
  6. Lifessong
  7. Ashreyamom
  8. Pixie
  9. UmaS
  10. Deeps
  11. Bikram
  12. Tanishka
  13. NBose
  14. Nithvin
  15. Reema

So all you bloggers please to accept this award from me with love 🙂


35 thoughts on “Ageing? Errr..Umm..well!

  1. Thanks darling for passing on the award…errr…no you are toh so young…I am an old lady with now even white hair! that day R found one and was so excited and happy about it!! amma, aapko white hair che, ekdum Baroda thatha jaise! there, my bubble burst eh?

  2. It is such a long time since a few awards did some rounds around here. Thanks for thinking of me while passing on the award (my unsubtle hint notwithstanding) 😛 Will pass it on to others on my blog 🙂

  3. Loved this sunshine at my doorstep ..err.. computer 😀
    Thnx a ton Scribby 😀

    Grey hair = ageing doesn’t sounds cool 🙂 and if being forgetful means ageing then i am ‘born budhha’ 😉

  4. YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSssssssssssssssssssss yayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy I am a OLD MAN now… and now that I know your age almost I am much older then you but Who cares about age its jsut a number .. I can still give a lot of youngsters a Run for their money Anytimeeeeeeeeeee…

    and once more Yayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy and thank you for the award yipeeeeeeeeeeee

  5. Congrats, Scribby..your is truly a lovely blog!!

    Ole baba, you passed the award to me too! Thank you thank you..truly honoured, Scribby dibby doo 😀

  6. ooh! hugs! I get an award!! Thank you and congratulations to you too!!
    Sigh – white hair – way too many already and I have stopped colouring my hair as well! 😛

  7. Was checking your blog after quite sometime and imagine my surprise on seeing my name on your awards list! thanks so much for my first award 🙂

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