Pepper & Bruno

Initially when we bought books for Chirpy, that had random stories like Panchtantra and ABC alphabets.

It was just to introduce her to the concept of books and the illustrations that are given in them. Now that she is familiar with books and knows that these are meant to read and see images, we thought of moving onto the next level of book reading,that is-Character Building.

Last weekend while at the bookstore we were confused,frankly. I mean there are so many options and I was so much impressed and confused too. I took at least an hour to finalize these two characters that are currently a part of our family 🙂 Pepper and Bruno.

These are two individual characters and there is a series of books based on these characters. Why I chose these series is because:

  1. The books are very light and thin [around 6-8 pages].
  2. The illustrations are quiet big,attractive for small babies.
  3. Every story ends in a moral to learn.
  4. The names of the characters are lovely 🙂
  5. The dialogues are short & sweet.

The Bruno series ‘When Bruno was young’ has 6 books in it. All fabulous, of course-

The Pepper series has the following books:

Right now the book that we’re glued to is

and in Pepper series we love

Children’s books are so addictive. When we got into the car after exiting the bookstore, I read all the books before we reached home, I couldn’t wait 🙂 🙂


48 thoughts on “Pepper & Bruno

  1. I loved looking athose 🙂 wow, I wouldn’t mind buying one for myself 🙂 Chirpy will have sooooper fun with them till they get dog ears and they become a wonderful memory 🙂

      1. Completely agree. I miss the innocence, creativity, curiosity and thirst to learn something new each day. All things which were there when we were kids and disappeared when we grew up. :-/ Wish I could go back to being a child.

  2. addiction to children books, i agree yar.. i also read it for my fun too, and then read it again and again to bunty.. these books look cute.. will have tog et them for bunty.. is it available online too??

  3. I started with flap books and the board books. And introducing him early to books was an agenda on my mind and I am glad I managed to do that because it is a habit which will go with him lifelong 🙂

    And thanks for sharing tehse details here will look out for these books.

    1. Oh yes we too have flap books and board books which Chirpy loves even today…she clings to them every time 🙂

      rightly said this seed sown now would help these children life long 🙂 YAY to us mothers who love reading and want their children to read too 😀

  4. I love story books of any kind, be it for 1 year old or 70 😀

    The moment I get any story in hand, I devour it, just like you 😛

    actually during school vacations, my favourite pass time would be digging into the language textbooks and reading all the story chapters 😀

    1. wow 🙂 well while at school I was not much of a reader though but I liked reading…slowly by the college time it took grip and I became a book lover in totality 🙂

  5. Pepper, Buro and Bubbles rule our home too. Kids are able to read these books themselves very soon and they make great first books. They also teach some good concepts. They are available on flipkart too 🙂

  6. Hey…are these books hard-bind??? Mishti gets so excited sometimes with her books that she flip pages roughly…only hard bind survives her ‘reading on her own’ 🙂

    1. No these are not hard binds 😦 This side too Chirpy does flip pages a little roughly but we make sure we are sitting with her and teaching her how to use paper back books…try get one for Mishti..may be this is how she’ll learn 🙂

  7. Cool! We love Pepper and Bruno here too! Chirpy must be loving it right..S was so addicted to it that she would make us read to her as though she were preparing for some exam and after sometime, she had started reciting the stories line by line even though she can’t read! She has been asking for a couple of books of Pepper that she doesn’t have..didn’t know they are available on Flipkart..will check it out now ..
    Same pinch from S to Chirpy 🙂

  8. Yep, Chotu got them for his 2nd birthday and he loved the first two books then he got upset that the dad never shows up and he only likes stories with both parents in them! So he stopped listening to the stories…

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