Safety? What’s that? Where do we get it?

We keep hearing about perverts and eve teasers. In fact it would be justified,ironically, when I say that it’s been such a long time that we’ve been hearing all this since forever.

What really makes a man act like a pervert? Or is every man pervert? How do we identify them? We have so many men in our lives in the form of father,brother,friend/boy friend and husband. These are men, so are these perverts too? Just how does one know?

Of course it has been time and again proven that perverseness or anything related to it is not commanded by illiteracy. It’s all in the head-the brain is the culprit,not the mind. A mind can be very much educated but the brain remains a part of human body,full of nerves and signals,which makes a person do what the brains wants at that moment.

Recently I was at a very posh office,seated in their reception area. I had to wait for someone,which took a little longer than expected. So obviously I started reading what all was available there. When I picked the local English Daily, I saw Avika Gour [the Anandi fameand I thought of reading her interview…but before I could start reading, I was shocked to see her photo:

Yes,this is what made me freeze at that moment. I wanted to scream and ask who did it? I so wanted to find out…just wanted a chance to slap him once!

Later,when I was still mad at this outrageous incident,I came across this post by Sunilias , which reveals a horrid fact about an online game Rapelay.

The game’s overview on their website goes like this:

RapeLay is a 3D rape simulator by Illusion Soft, makers of the Artificial Girlseries. The player takes the role of a rapist who stalks a family consisting of three young women, raping them repeatedly until their will breaks and they become his slaves.

How disgusting can things get? We say women are not safe on roads,at late night parties/movies, in weddings,in towns and villages alike….and that, women should carry pepper sprays and knives and such for their safety.

But what about the women in print media and virtual world? What do they carry for their safety? 

“back off!stop hurting us in any which way!!!!”


28 thoughts on “Safety? What’s that? Where do we get it?

  1. I have seen so many such nude figures of women/girls drawn in buses/trains and public places and many such photographs marked over. I can’t even begin to decipher what must be going on in their minds to explicitly express a woman’s organs over a picture. It is obvious that they will parts and so do men. What is the need to draw it out? Such a shameful act. And yet I’m not shocked, because it is very commonplace.

  2. took me 3 minutes to even figure out what you were talking about in the picture…I wondered why you were upset about Avika Gor studying on the sets..

    Gosh, I cant imagine what kind of a pevert would do that especially in a posh office!!

    You are right…I really dont know from where we are going to get safety AT ALL…I read about the rapelay game as well…WHY?? WHY?? WHY?? would people want to play it!!!

    1. Yes what surprised me too was ‘someone doing this in a well educated people’s office’ but then that’s when my belief broke down,once again…education alone does not do any good to anyone!

  3. oh my god.. such things are there in this world is it?? sick yar.. think of the person who had this innovative idea of creating such a stupid game.. i am sure if we ask him now, he would say that, this is to create real rape and to satisfy men virtually.. immediate thing which came into my mind after reading this post is, how am i going to save my daughter in this world.. 😦

  4. I just can’t believe there can be a game like this. I mean we as a nation scream at the slightest provocation and this game is not offending enough to make those so called world changers to d anything about it. How disgusting can this get?

  5. This is so convoluted. 😦 And someone actually created a game called ‘RapeLay’? How twisted is that?

    True, there are perverts everywhere. You never know who, and you never know where. You can, at best, try to be as cautious as possible.

    1. That’s sadly the only thing we can do-just try to be safe on our own…however underrated this ‘trying to be safe’ sounds in a so called democratic country!

  6. Aah Scribby..I don’t know what to say..really..It’s a fact that no female right from an infant to a ripe old lady is just not safe either physically or in her print or virtual avatars..How do you identify a isn’t something that a person wears on his sleeves, making it that much more difficult and again, a perverted male could be anyone from a 10+ year old..
    And the online game-must have been created by perverts for perverts..but what about the safety and other implications of the vulnerable ones? Morality and ethics are lost virtues is it..

    1. Morality and Ethics? Did they even exist? There are questions being raised on our morality and societal norms…but at the end the sufferer is,even today,ironically the women!

  7. I just feel tired to even think of this topic… and I too wanna join you in slapping that idiot, who did this to that photo… so cheap! It just makes me feel to go to a place in this world where there are no males.

    1. I know what you mean GB…I feel tired too mentally..and this Guwahati thing has stirred my soul,yet again! I feel scared for my daughter growing up….

  8. This leaves me craving for the times when the worst thing that could happen to a woman’s photo was a moustache or a beard (yes, such noble people still exist).
    This is sick. And that game is absolutely disgusting. Looks like games are no longer for entertainment or entertainment has been redefined.
    Women in print and virtual should probably quote this in the interview and tell them to publish their sentiments. It may not stop sick people from doing it. They should adopt some patrol who will twist the wrist and break the knuckles everytime they indulge in such a heinous act. Grrrrr. They really do make me angry ! :/

    1. Oh KT, trust me I too remember those days fondly…they were so much fun..making woman of a man and man of a woman…or may be we were just so protect from the outside world that we didn’t know that even then the perverseness existed?

  9. eh gads! yea.. I read her interview too.. they have made her do a bedroom scene as well! 😦
    And online rape game?! Sounds horrendous! What’s happening?! we seem to be going back in time… 😦

  10. Errr..First i didn’t realized that why you are so upset …is it about the weird society who is maturing her untimely…but then i got the fact…eeeks..perverts…really i feel so scared about my daughter sometimes :-(..and they exist everywhere…roads, posh offices, neighbourhood…

    Ohh I first time heard about that rape game…Gosh!!!

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