Must Haves for Women

There are lot of times I’ve come across girls who suddenly realize that they are in need of sanitary pads and have none on them. Like in this new office, a girl from my team came to me and very shyly asked if I have an extra sanitary pad,since no one in the HR-Amind team had one!!!! I gave it to her and she was so so thankful to me to have saved her timely.

Also, there have been times when I have felt there are some must haves for women in their purse/ desk / washroom cabinets at office. Listing them here:

  1. Sanitary napkins: One in purse and other in office because you never know when would you be in the need of it!
  2. A make-up kit: Carryinga minimum of a comb, vaseline lip gel, kajal and perfume /deo [travel pack] and if you are a lipstick person then a basic color lipstick too. Just in case you’ve to rush to a party or some place so to quickly have a simple done-up.
  3. Scribblers: A pen and a small note pad or chotu diary or few papers to scribble. Just in case, you would want to write down something that comes to your mind or someone’s number or anything. I know we’ve cell phones umm well.. organized i-phones and all the swanky gadgets but after all they are gadgets and they might give up on you anytime 😉
  4. Carry Bag: An empty carry bag of say Westside / Shoppers’ Stop etc. to carry wet clothes or a sanitary pad to the washroom or anything that you want to store in such a way that no one can see,you know!
  5. A black stole: Which could be used to cover in emergency and black goes with every dress and works on any outfit-Indian / Western.
  6. Clothes: A pair of clothes,especially to be carried in the rainy season. It really really helps to have one in the washroom / desk cabinet.

I’ve been carrying these in my bag and some in the office washroom cabinet. And needless to say I’m always prepared for the unforeseen situations in life.

That said nothing guarantees a smooth hassles free life but then being prepared for what might dawn upon us is not a waste effort too,right?

So what all do you carry in your bag? Do you think these are helpful things and one should carry them? Do you have anything else to add to the list ?


34 thoughts on “Must Haves for Women

  1. Apart from these must-haves, how could you forget the safety-pins Scribby 😛

    I carry a pack of wet tissues all the time and some hair clips

    1. of course!!! my bad 😛 I too carry tissue papers [though not wet tissues specifically] but I don’t carry safety pins and hence missed it out..but yeah these are important…added to my list now 🙂

  2. 1. Check
    2. No
    3. Pen check, scribble pad no
    4. Check (but its not Westside, its my bhaji wala’s plastic)
    5. no
    6. in office, not in hand bag

    not bad yaar, I do pass your examination eh?

  3. My bag has first 3. Carry bag and rain coat in bike’s dicky but no extra clothes. How big a bag do I need… My hubby keeps commenting on the size of the bag already…

    1. hehehe 🙂 any way women who need to go out of the house for work may carry an extra pair of clothes otherwise I think it’s manageable 🙂 and any way you have rain coat with you all the time in the bike so you are safe 🙂

  4. I dont carry pads all the time because I know my dates 🙂 In my bag you can find, lip balm, vaseline, pressed powder, basic lipstick, plastic bag from westside, notepad, pen, lots of tissues. I carry an umbrella in the rainy season. In my office drawer, I keep a moisturizer because many a time, I forego applying it to my feet at home. I find it difficult to carry lakme kajal because the cap keeps coming off it. How can I include kajal to my bag?

    1. Well knowing dates is the best part of it all but just to be on safer side and handy it’s good to carry a pad, me thinks 🙂 like you may be helpful to someone else,eh? 🙂

      Tissues yes I forgot to mention like Visha pointed out. Umbrella or rain coat too I missed putting in….yup and moisturizer ! wow you girls are great…I can depend on you when I forget things 🙂

      I have maybelline colossal kajaland it’s fabulous…easy to handle..a very thin and sleak pencil with a nice fitting cap and the kajal is very caryony to apply…try that…

      1. Lakme is also crayony and I like it very much. Need to try Maybelline, but I was wondering if there was someway I could carry it without looking ridiculous. Like when I’m travelling I carry it in my spectacle case 😛 so nothing else would disturb its cap.

        1. Yes Lakme one is good too but since I’ve now used both I would vote for the Maybelline one 🙂 as of now you can carry it in a small zipper bag?

  5. Yes, Sanitary napkin is a must..Your list is pretty exhaustive and covers almost everything..
    I would include some change(coins), if it is not already there in the purse; umbrellas.. a small water bottle maybe?
    Actually having a pair of change clothes at office is a good idea. Maybe shoes also in case you have to attend some meeting and can avoid walking around in squishy footwear.

    1. Oh yes water bottle too 🙂 coins? well mostly we have them in our wallets hence didn’t think of including them here..althought women travelling in a public transport and needing change to dispense should keep them in the outer most pockets of their purse for easy access…

      in my earlier office I used to keep a footwear too…for inside office use especially in rains…

  6. Aiyyo, you are super organized. I started carrying a bag only after having kids. And it has all that you mentioned, but for the kids :D. Else, I like to travel hands free.

  7. Wow, that is a lot of things in your bag. 🙂 I carry a lot of stuff in my handbag, but not so much stuff. My handbag usually contains:

    1. A scribble pad and pen\
    2. Hair bands
    3. Hand sanitiser
    4. Sanitary pad
    5. Handkerchief
    6. A novel
    7. Lip balm and lip gloss – as I don’t use lipstick
    8. A small bottle of moisturiser for my hands and feet
    9. Comb
    10. Wet tissues
    11. Cash and one debit card

    And of course some sundry stuff which is better not examined. 😀

  8. I carry these items –
    1. my wallet
    2. hand sanitizer
    3. hand kerchief
    4. book
    5. I-pod
    6. Sanitary napkin
    7. Mobile phones
    8. Hair clips
    9. Safety pins
    10. pen and a few rough papers
    11. lip balm
    12. Black bindis
    13. some more loose cash in every zip 😀
    14. I must have this – my inhaler!
    15. I do have a comb too
    16. A small water bottle

    I think the list continues.. sometimes my hand bag is so heavy that I will feel like telling S to carry it for sometime 😛

  9. Hey, hope you are enjoying the new job 🙂 my comp was down so was not able to comment…
    you carry so many things in your bag!!! now a days in my bag you will find diapers and related articles!!! but yes, i do carry sanitary pads…. and the idea of black stole is great, i think i’ll carry that 🙂

    1. Yes as of the new place and work and team is looking great..this is the third week in the job 🙂 let’s see how it goes in future 🙂 thanks re!

  10. Good one. I always carry a comb, hand sanitizer, some tissues or wet wipes. Always always have a couple of healthy snacks with me because I have low sugar and need to eat frequently. I’m not so well-prepared at the office tho 🙂

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