Let’s go back,can we?

Today it was raining and Husby had to drop me at work. While on way we crossed a school.[digression]-On a rainy day I love  watching people, trees, roads, shops everything that I can see from a moving car….do you too love looking out of the window on a rainy day? [/digression]

Any way,so coming back to the school that we passed by. We found lot of students standing at their class windows and chit chatting. I wondered if there were no classes today? Husby said it might be a rainy day for them cause it’s raining hard since morning and there would be high absenteeism.

This took me back to my school times. How it was declared a rainy day or a wintry day or even a half day if the weather was bad and the strength in the school was low.

How old times become so far and distant and look so good…just because they are no more in our present ? We tend to love and want something that we’ve left behind…especially the childhood…those times..carefree life and careless attitude…the old selves who were much younger, faster and clearer of thoughts!

Today for a moment when I got up I felt like bunking the office.The gloomy weather does that to me,often! But of course I could not…it’s just the start of my second week here and I’m already thinking of a chutti ? How can I !!!!!!

I know the current times are good too, like in childhood I always thought of becoming something and working in swanky offices like they showed in the movies. And work I did…but then life doesn’t remain as innocent and clean as it was in the childhood, or does it?

It’s not only the other side that seems greener but the older times too seem a lot greener and healthier as compared to our current times.And upon hearing such things we say ‘it’s natural, it’s human‘ !

Human means feeling deprived of happiness even when we have it right now,in a different form. Human means comparing with others even if we have good points to count in our own kitty. Human means growing up and feel all that that we never knew existed in a human mind and heart when we were kids!

I see Chirpy today and feel-today she is free of everything. A pure soul now but  getting ready to be tarnished with jealousy, comparison, anger, competition and all things negatives.Yes,I agree she’ll be what I’ll make her and I’ll make her  a good human being,of course…but these negatives are not to be taught. They are naturally ingrained in a human mind,without even the person knowing it himself/herself in the course of life….

Hail childhood, Hail good old times !

P.S. this post is not on cribbing about today’s life but about missing yesterday’s life !


30 thoughts on “Let’s go back,can we?

  1. Some really fond memories of yesterday’s life. I think it is not always about forgetting what you have right now. It just feels good to revisit those times.

  2. Rains do that to you, don’t they? I always want to think a lot over a cup of hot coffee when it rains. And yes, I like to bunk office too on rainy days. They are just too beautiful to miss by sitting in front of stupid computer.

  3. I totally get you. It is not that we are unhappy now, but we do long for things gone by – like the carefree school days and mom-made, piping hot food. What else can I say to that but ‘That is natural. It happens.’ and ‘Life will go on.’?

    I love watching things out of the car – or out of my balcony – when it is raining. But then, I love that when it is not raining as well. 🙂 And I love driving on a bike in the rain with the OH too. 🙂 Crazy me!

    I understand what you mean by wanting to make Chirpy a good human being, but feeling helpless at the fact that she will ingest some negativity too. I would feel helpless at that too, but we can only try to give our child the best of knowledge and guidance.

    1. yeah life moves on..we leave phases and people behind… oh yes generally too I love watching things out of car/balcony but rains has some special effect on my imaginations and thought process 🙂

      it’s not crazy TGND…me too loves riding a bike in rains 🙂 same pinch 😀

      yep we must do our best and leave the rest 🙂

  4. Your post reminds me of the movie ‘Midnight in Paris’. Have you seen it?
    We always crave for the past. You will crave for your present in your future. 🙂

  5. Funnily, I never miss my childhood. I always wanted to get that freedom and independence and take control of my life, so I was desparately waiting to grow up 😀 But yes, I do miss the school gang and those friendships

  6. hey, this post brought back memories from childhood..I too remember praying for rains and floods so that the schools would declare a holiday (I stayed in Mumbai,so flooding during rains was common :-))..
    at that time we were in a hurry to grow up, be adults and enjoy life..now we think back nostalgically..
    Again, I am enjoying the current phase immensely and this is not to crib..just keep reminding myself to enjoy the current phase too 🙂

  7. No such luck for me I was a hosteler, a boarder so had to go to school..

    But college was fun every day was a bunk day you know in three years I attended Punjabi -English lectures once only.. yepp
    I was such a bad boy.. :)…

    Bunking work well I wud not I have so much fun I am weirdo I know.. he he he

    1. wow hosteler ? I’ve been in hostel but only for 2 years..but what days they were! every day was a bunk day in college B? 🙂 hehehe bunking doesn’t make one bad re 🙂 it’s just the image..not the person!

      oh generally I love my work but since this is an initial phase and rainy season to top it up…I felt like bunking the other day,sigh!

  8. Your post reminds me of the song, ‘koi lauta de mere beete hue din’ 😀

    It goes like this

    When we are kids we want to grow up to be free from studies, to be independent and to be tension free.
    But when we grow up we realise what have we lost!!!


    1. yeah that song Smita!!! totally agree 🙂 the current seem to be kind of pricking us time and again and we yearn to go ahead or miss the old one 😀

      true, Life!

    1. that’s precisely what humans do…wanting to get out of the current phase 🙂 but you enjoy while it lasts Swar..read as much as you can 🙂

  9. do you too love looking out of the window on a rainy day?

    I gaze at it as loooong as it rains. I don’t know some magnetic effect on me…. I get lost looking at the clouds, rain-drenched things outside… and hate to step out… 🙂

    And yes,…adorable chirpy will grow up to be a lovely human being, cause I believe you would excel at upbringing her :):)

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