Shopping Tips

Women love shopping,no second thoughts on this. To top it up when the sellers tempt us with hoardings which scream sale, there is no time to think but pick up the purse be on the go!

Well mostly it is the case for women world wide..there will be seldom who won’t fall prey to sales, discounts and some such teasers!



That said sales are a good time to shop but then these are bad times too since this season tempts you with innumerable options which is dangerous for people who belong to a cadre called shopaholics by default, be it sale season or no.

So,I thought of listing some tips for self and my fellow shoppers….

  1. Shop with an agenda-a list to be precise. Just note what all you ‘need’ and forget what you ‘want’.The key is to avoid impulse buys.Once in a while,buying what you ‘want’ is not bad but keep that part after you’re done buying what you ‘needed’!
  2. Reality check-Keep a rough budget ready in your mind. Keep an eye on your credit card swaps. Don’t forget that the things you are putting your hands on, come with a price.If it is difficult for you to control your usage of credit cards then leave them at home and carry only cash with you to control your buying!
  3.  Proper Fit-Buy only what fits you right now and not something that you think will fit you in future.Don’t buy clothes for future!
  4. No children please-Don’t take your children with you, if you have an option leave them back. In your entire shopping extravaganza the children get really bugged up and tired-they don’t deserve this. Of course if you don’t have an arrangement, then you have to carry them with you, but in that case make sure they’re not hungry and they are not sleep deprived.
  5. Shop Alone-However exciting ‘girl group shopping’ may sound it’s always better to be on your own. Others only help pile up your shopping cart with lot of things which are out of your to-buy list and sometimes influence your decisions of selection. If at all you’ve to go shopping with friends / colleagues try and roam alone in the sections which you want to visit..later you can sit together for coffee and share what you shopped!

A little note to self:

Dear Scribby,

Never go shopping without a list. And I know very well that you are a total list person, be it work or home, so why not make one while going for shopping too? Also Scribby, I was thinking if you would really concentrate on your purse than the varied choices available in the stores, yea? I think it’s high time you start behaving when it comes to shopping because you’ve a growing daughter in your kitty and she might as well ingrain your habits; read: bad habit of shopping at drop of hat!

It’s good that you shop not only for yourself but for your family & friends too, but what you need to remember is extravaganza and all looks adorable only in sale adverts. Not in real life, okay?

So, what am I saying? All I’m trying to put forward is you need to be a little considerate and learn to prioritize when you shop. You must buy gifts for everyone, for yourself too but when and what to buy you have to be sure of. Just because things are available in the store and they look lovely to you, doesn’t mean you have to buy them, okay?

Yours sincerely me!

30 thoughts on “Shopping Tips

  1. heheheheh 🙂

    you are too cute 🙂

    Next time you come, please promise me that you will go and buy some clothes for me..then I will take care of the kiddos and you do your shopping and my shopping as well theek hai 🙂

    1. wow done done done!!! As it is I love shopping and shopping for both of us would be so much fun..also knowing that you’re taking care of the kids would be such a relief 🙂

  2. I can shop for others, bad I cant choose for myself 😦

    I loved the letter you wrote to yourself 🙂 Indulging once a while is ok though 😉

    1. okay so in that case you can go ahead and buy things for me 😉 and yeah once in while indulgence is okay but the depends on one’s definition of ‘once in a while’ 😉

  3. Ahem! All those tips you wrote – about not taking kids and knowing the budget and making list – I follow them all religiously but somehow after I have bought what I want – I always see a sale,a dress that I have been getting in my dreams and I just HAVE to buy it – what to do then?

    And taking kids is the best way to be quick and within budget!!

    1. well another way of looking at the advantage of taking kids to shopping 🙂

      P.S. LLT, the book set is a super hit in our family and this little lady of mine doesn’t forget a single morning to read them all at once…every morning once she gets up she wants those books to read 🙂

  4. nice tips! do you have some tips on how to start liking shopping?! I cant stand malls and rarely go shop. Few weeks back, I went shopping after almost a year, got frustrated and gave up midway to find reguge in a coffee shop 😀
    I wish there was some magic where the things one needs just appeared in front of you in the house, in the exact fit and the exact pattern one wants! 😉

    1. lol PG…well why not assign yourself an incentive at the end of the shopping session? Like if you do a perfect shopping then gift yourself a cuppa coffee? 🙂

  5. I looooooooooooooooove shopping. -goes off to find shopping bag at 8 in the morning –
    Scribby, I am just like you. I go caaaaraaazyyyyy. I am especially fond of books and stationery and shoes and miniatures and plants and souvenirs and …… Ok, you get the drift, no ?
    When I go shopping for groceries ( that I looooooooove a lot too ) or clothes, K is my walking kist because he will watch me ogle at a ” wanted” sweater and will be all business like ” okay that’s nice. But let’s look at our needs. Why did we come here ? ” sigh. Then I will walk to that black skirt section and buy just that and come off. I can’t shop certain things alone.
    Oh, I looooooooove shopping for loved ones :))

  6. so, i found a sole-mate.. yup i am shopaholic.. the post is like it is written just for me.. just because there is sale i end up going there and also buying stuff.. my hubby just says, buy anything u want as long as u get something for my daughter and pay ur own bills.. :(..

  7. I love shopping too – clothes, perfumes, stationery, books, gifts for family and friends et al. I even enjoy grocery shopping. 🙂

    Thankfully, I think I am able to maintain that balance between indulging yourself and shopping for what you ‘need’.

    I very rarely shop alone. I don’t go shopping with friends – not that I have any here – but I love shopping with my mom and the OH. They help me indulge myself, and also pick up only what I want. They are like my moral police when I go shopping. 🙂

    1. wow maintaining the balance is the key 🙂 I hope someday I learn the art too 😀 generally I love shopping alone but sometimes I go with Husby too…but usually I avoid going with friends..cause I’ve always had a bad experience of indulging more than required while with friends 🙂

  8. Must admit I’m not a fan of shopping for clothes. The only time I’ve been pretty bad has been recently since the break up…I think it’s been my way of coping. I’ve been buying new furniture, new things for the house, new DVD box sets. Not clothes yet though. Oh and of course, my shopping for books has always been a problem!

  9. I loved your points!! I need to keep the list and agenda in mind!!
    Sigh! I miss shopping! 😦
    I havent shopped for anything for more than 3 months now!! 😐

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