By Two Thousand & Seventeen

Just generally when I was thinking about myself and my life so far I came to a point where I thought there is so much I want to do and have always wanted to but maybe I’m not a good planner that ways and hence things could not materialize till now. Or maybe that’s how my life was supposed to take turns and hence I never came to doing things the other way!

Whatever it is… I thought what if I was given a choice to plan my life for next 5 years, how would I plan it? And the only answers came to my mind were these:

  • To take up Interior Designing course-This has been a wish since a long time now but could not fall in line with the current life and decisions…but in next few years may be….
  • To have another kid- Oh yes why not? 😉
  • To do freelancing designing- Once I’m done with my ID course I would want to be a freelancer….so that I’ve time for other things too.
  • To stay at home for kids-PTSAHM [Part time stay at home mom]…sounds exciting and new!
  • To learn to play guitar-Oh this is like age old wish and in next few years I’ll fulfill this, at least!
  • To learn photography-This is not a priority and can wait but it is on the radar!

Ain’t it too much to ask for in life? 🙂 A very ideal situation to be in, right? Only if wishes were horses, sigh!

Any way,if you would want to chalk out a rough plan for your next 5 years life, how would it look? Do you have anything specific on agenda?? Oh c’mon don’t tell me that you have nothing on the radar? We all do, so out with it 🙂


49 thoughts on “By Two Thousand & Seventeen

  1. honestly I dont..saachmein and I wonder why?

    Am I okie with what I am doing now?? I dont know!! you got me thinking rey!

    Loved your 5 year plan though..would love to take a bit from that 🙂

  2. Unless we imagine wishes are horses, how will they be? So keep dreaming and working towards it step by step 🙂 Guitar is on my list too since long time… 🙂

  3. Hi Scribby.. last few days i hv been following ur blog..
    Ur blogs makes a nice read..
    Coming back plans for next five yrs..

    1) I want to clear off home loan
    2) Learn to drive and yes i need to get license for both 2 as well as 4 wheeler currently i ride a 2 wheeler without license 😉
    3) May i want to learn fabric painting.. i must say i was inspired by ur blog on gifting a hand printed t-shirt…
    4) Improve my cooking.
    5) As off course i want to have a kid

    1. Hi Chaitali, glad to have you here 🙂

      Your plans are more realistic and I’m glad you’re clear of where you want to be in next 5 years 🙂 Very seldom people know this !!

      P.S. Fabric painting? wow that has always sounded exciting to me but never thought of learning it cause I think I’ll suck at that 😛 oh that hand made tee…so did you gift it? that was a spur of the moment idea 🙂

  4. I love ID too…I am gonna bug you once you are done with your course.

    Well, 5 years down the line…I havent really thought of that. Though there is a long cherished dream of mine.

    I want to learn violin, play slow and beautiful numbers 🙂

    1. One of my cousin brothers plays awesome violin and he is only 12 🙂 such people inspire me 🙂 go take up your lessons now…don’t migh also find some weekend classes…

      what’s your long cherished dream? share share 😀

      and regarding ID..once I’m done you are free to *bug* me whenever you want to 😉

  5. 5 year plan.. hmmm, i think i have only to buy list and no learning list.. 😦
    certainly i am thinking of another kid..
    probably a degree in construction management
    top of the list is to stay with my husband in one city.. 🙂

    1. so what a to-buy list is as important as any other things 🙂 at least you know what all you need to buy,that’s awesome in itself 🙂

      second baby? wow…go ahead and plan soon 🙂

      the degree sounds good too 🙂 sign up for it!

      yes the very important thing-to be in the same city!!! otherwsie none other wish would be fulfilled 😉

      1. na that means take a year to convince hubby for 2nd one.. he thinks i will be doing it to get pampered by all. to apply for another degree, i need to complete 3 yrs in this company and take permission from boss to study.. so it will also take time..
        staying together, as of now i don t see it in any near future.. 🙂

        1. hehehehe to get pampered by all? 😛 start trying to convince him so by the time you both live in the same city,half of your work will be done 😉

  6. Aah your post made me think. When I was reading through the post I was kind of imagining what I would like to do in next five years. Will come up with my list soon. Thanks for a lovely thought provoking start for the day. Enjoyed the post with my cup of tea.

    1. aww I’m glad this post did it to you 🙂 Ain’t it beautiful to think of future in all possible positive sense? 🙂 Let me know when your list is completed,would love to read it!

  7. Guitar is on my list too and I’ll do it sooner or later. I dont have plans but wishes. I want my own house and done the way I like. I want to do something of my own, like ID or dress designing, writing or something like that. I want a beautiful garden too. I wish to have roamed atleast a few countries. Oh wishes and dreams, right?

    1. guitar learning wish is so common…but ironically all of us who wish about it have not fulfilled it yet 😦 Go ahead and do it and I’ll be inspired by you 🙂

      oh these are my wishes too…not plans in literal terms 🙂 let’s see where life takes me by 2017 😀

      yeah wishes and dreams have no boundations 🙂 go ahead dream more 😀

  8. That’s not asking for too much. Honestly. It is a very sweet and simple plan for the next 5 years of your life. 🙂

    Your post set me thinking. I have loads of things that I would like to do within the next 5 years….. Hmmmmmm…

    1. Have a kid or maybe 2 😉
    2. Travel to at least 5 destinations from my must-travel list
    3. Make my home look better than it is now
    4. Improve myself professionally – even if I am not in a position to hold a job, I can still continue to improve myself professionally
    5. Lose 15 kg of weight and keep it that way – and become a better-looking person
    6. Take up a course to enhance my professional skills
    7. Become a better cook
    8. Read better books and watch better movies – how to define that, I don’t know

  9. Nice idea to list it down 🙂
    I must make a list too now 🙂
    Let me see….
    Another kid (hopefully), a degree towards which I am working, some time off from working (would love to be a SAHM for a few months), join a gym, keep fit, learn swimming, travel a lot… at least cover a few places that are on my list as of now, … lots more…

  10. I Wish that all your wishes come true 🙂

    And honestly speaking I have never charted out plans for future, I am mostly into taking life as it comes. Never been a planner!!

  11. I want to jump off a plane and I want to learn and go diving off Glod Coast.
    And uhmmm… lose 5 Kgs of maternity weight.
    2nd kid was on the list 3 yrs ago 😉 Chalo, at least I manage to strike off some Todos from my five year plan.

    Yours looks quite achievable 😉

  12. That looks like a completely doable list!! Best of luck with that!
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    Thought this might be something you would be interested in participating!

    1. That’s THE way to live life…and trust me I don’t plan too…but a rough draft of list is always there in mind to know what to do when I have time 🙂

  13. Haaaa!!! As I already said.. I love you for your positive energy and being motivated always.. 🙂 Really like the way you have planned for your future.. While I dont have a solid plan.. this is how it will be

    1. Have kids (atleast one!)
    2. Quit from IT industry and do something that is more satisfying, relaxing and slow paced.
    3. Open a confectionery or a restuarant – for which I would need lots of courage and financial support
    4. Take arts and crafts more seriously. May be, I will do atleast 2 paintings/sketches/crafts per day. Opening up a “customized” art store.. (this might not happen at all)
    5. Involve in food photography.

    hahaha it felt like thinking through my development plan in life 😀

    1. 🙂 🙂 I don’t know GB if I’ve planned this and this will come true…like all of it…but I’m roughly putting them on radar and may be someday,if not by 2017,I’ll be able to tick them off the list 🙂

      after all being positive and hopeful never hurts,does it? 🙂 🙂

      I love love love your list 🙂 and making babies is a wow decisions…trust me 🙂 and whoa..paintings? you must do it GB…stop saying that it may never happen…instead tell yourself that “I’ll do it,period” 🙂

      restaurant sounds cool re…and it can really wait…I mean you don’t have to rush for this one and I’m sure this will fall in place 🙂

      I can imagine your future: You in your restaurant at beach side and also have the easel alongside 🙂 serving customers and painting too 🙂 whoa 🙂 hai na cool idea?

      1. Wow wow wow.. I must really talk to you every day.. you are THE motivator 🙂 🙂

        And what can I say about these lines… “You in your restaurant at beach side and also have the easel alongside serving customers and painting too” you have just brought my dream to life through your words 🙂 🙂 I would be the most happiest person, if I make this happen! I know I will, some day 🙂

        1. be my guest baby…talk to me whenever you wish too 🙂 and you’ll see ..the dream is going to be true to each word…just emailed you, go check my craziness 😉

  14. Your plan certainly sounds doable. Hmm, if I could, I’d love to go back to study a DPsych course in Clinical psychology. But problem is I don’t want to reduce my hours at work in order to study. Also like to do a course completely unrelated to psych like creative writing! Now where’s that stash of money of mine to pay for it all???!!! 😛

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