Made a choice,Made time!

More than anyone else,this blog has been a prime witness of my love for Mumbai. Time and again I’ve done posts of how I love the city of lights and how I miss it to the T.

It’s been 3 weeks, precisely, at the work place and the routine at home and office has pretty much settled down. Husby, MIL and Chirpy along with me are loving this new arrangement of our lives.So far so good…

So today when I look a few months back form now, I see myself searching for jobs in Indore and also being open to relocate to Mumbai,once again. And I wonder, how my life would have been had I really have accepted offers in Mumbai?

Would I be leisurely writing blogs even at 7 am in the morning before going to work? Would I have the privilege to get up as late as 9 am and still manage to cook and reach work by 10.30? Would I be playing for good 30-40 mins with Chirpy before going to work and 60-90 mins after coming back home? Would I have the luxury of going to the malls for a quick shopping even around 7 pm and be home by 8?

Well, there are so many things that can be added to this ‘would I..’ list and I realize that I’m better off working here in Indore-a not so big town, than in Mumbai, where distances are short and life is not about rushing around.

I’ve come to a conclusion that Mumbai has a certain magic and that holds true even today, for me. But then the key is to decide whether you need that magic in life or family time? Ideal situation would be to have both, but in real life ideal situations seldom exists and when they do,they exit soon 😉 [lame attempt at cracking a joke].

I do miss Mumbai even today,right now, for it’s professionalism, fast paced life, freedom, I-don’t-care attitude, lights, silver screen stars, weekend getaways and sea! Every moment that I’ve breathed in Mumbai is still very fresh in my mind [and I don’t want to call it a memory cause that’s a sign that you’ve left things behind and now you have to recall them] It goes like this for me: You can take me out of Mumbai but you can’t take Mumbai out of me!

Though even living here and managing work and home is a task too but things are a little eased out if I have to compare to Mumbai life.I do get up at 5.30 am to cook a 4 day meal for Chirpy, breakfast for all of us,dabba for me and lunch for MIL and Husby and dinner for all 3 of us. But I get up this early cause by the time Chirpy wakes up, that is around 8.30-9.00, I’m free with everything and ready to spend time with her. Then I leave for work at 10.00 and reach office by 10.15 / 10.20.

So, you can imagine why I can trade the positives of Mumbai with staying back in a small town,which is not that small by the way :)…yes,just so that I can spend quality time with family and to be able to manage without too much stress and running around.

Hence I think Mumbai or any big town for that matter are okay as long as you are single or child free…but when you are a total family I guess small towns win hands down. So if you have a choice I’m sure you know what to choose 🙂

I’m glad I made my choice!


52 thoughts on “Made a choice,Made time!

  1. Living in a small town sure has its perks. More time for yourself, less pollution, less stress and having everything right next to you are the things that improve the quality of your life. I believe you made a good choice.

    Mumbai sure is a city which grows on you and makes you fall in love with it. I still miss it at times. I totally agree with your point that a big city is good if you are single, you can have all the fun and won’t feel too lonely. But your priorities change as soon as you decide to get settled.

  2. I didn’t know you have lived in Mumbai. You are right, that is the comfort of living in small cities where distances are less and I somehow think hearts are closer too 🙂

    1. I have lived there for good 2 and a half years 🙂 and all alone you know 🙂 Husby and MIL were visitors then 😉

      yeah hearts are closer cause you meet people often and without much planning 🙂

        1. right..I was shocked when I had to ask my friends before dropping in on them on weekends 😦 had never done that in life so felt a little awkward 🙂

  3. babes you dont know how good a choice you have made…I know its odd from someone who is in Bombay, doing the chaki peesing, but honestly, like RD and I were discussing the other day, Scribby made the perfect choice, more for her daughter than herself 🙂

    big hugs…

    1. you and RD are so sweet for thinking like that 🙂

      I would suggest you two too move in to Indore, what say? 😉 both of you can find a nice profile here,I’ll help 😀

  4. yes, our choices do make us 🙂 me too love small towns just coz of the reason that it does give a lot of me-time to the person. and, I always love living close to workplace so that it doesn’t get tiring during commute which is not easy in big cities.

    1. Where do you live Swati? Oh right while in Mumbai I rented a flat which was just 2 kms away from my work place…that’s what gave me much time to live life queen size 🙂

  5. Scribby, I totally understand what you are saying by “love for Mumbai” for I too share that love. I lived in Mumbai as a child and then we moved from Mumbai. During those years I realized how much I loved Mumbai…. yes Mumbai has that magic, that charm … that only people who have lived here can realize 🙂 I was desperate to come back here 🙂
    And I agree with you completely that priorities change with time and with a child, family and family time take over. And that is more important than anything else. And Indore by the way is a nice city. Having stayed there for a while, I like it too. And it has some positives over Mumbai like the pleasant weather, short commuting distances, Big affordable houses.. yes with a garden too 🙂 (this we can only dream of in Mumbai), some good food 🙂 … see now you have brought back some memories 🙂

    1. and now today’s Indore is a little changed than the times you were here 🙂 you’ll be thrilled to see the good and bad both changes 🙂 make a trip soon !

      Oh the mention of Mumbai kind of deports me to the city in my dreams 🙂

  6. A life that allows you maintain a good work-life balance is definitely worth having. Saying it from experience. 🙂

    I would kill to have my workplace at a distance of 15 minutes from my house. However, Bangalore traffic and long distances makes that impossible. I now work from home every day so that I can balance my life and home and work together. It is much better this way.

    I love the way Mumbai sounds. I have never been there – I have just passed through the city on my way elsewhere. Shameful, I know!

    1. yes the ability to maintain that work life balance comes from short distances and a little slow cities 🙂 Now I’m experiencing this too !

      working from home? Well somehow this doesn’t appeal me..I mean I’m an environment person..and if I start working from home, the home environment will take over me and I’ll be no more professional in my approach…me thinks 🙂

      Staying in Mumbai for at least a year or so would actually grow on you…just going there for few days won’t do much to your senses 😀

      1. I haven’t even been in Mumbai for a couple of hours, leave alone a couple of days! 😦

        I am an office kind of person too… but sadly going to office every day was driving me crazy and taking a toll on my health and sleep too.. I came to this agreement with the management to work from home to preserve my sanity. 🙂 At the moment, it works for me since we are the only two people at home. I don’t know how long it will be Ok for me to do so, though.

  7. Hmm, you rightly said that “the key is to decide whether you need that magic in life or family time?”
    It’s always about optimizing the situation, and as you said, the real world is not ideal!!!
    I would have preferred to stay either in Ahmedabad or Hyderabad. Both are fairly big cities, but not monstrously big. At the same time, they have all the good things of big cities, the infrastructure, the education, the opportunities are all good in both the places…Also i find both the places safer…

    1. yes optimization of situations and options is what let’s us live our life in peace 🙂 so are you guys planning to move in near future to Hyd or Ahm ?

  8. Hmmmm glad that u had a choice, for us right now at least there is no other option but to stay put here.

    Cities liek Indore, Ahmedabad, Baroda et al are developed in all sense but they still don’t eat up your time and that adds a shine to them 🙂

    Inspired by you I will try to get up early so that I can spend more time with Arnav 🙂

    1. I’m sure you would love finding time to spend with Arnav by getting up a little more early 🙂 a little tough I know, it is tough for me too, but the end result inspires me to no bound 🙂

  9. I always have this self-debate when it comes to Chennai or Bangalore! I love Chennai to bits and pieces.. the people, the language, the locality, fast paced life and for some other obvious reasons like my family, my home and my friends. Bangalore, is somewhere I love to work though. Its working as of now.. as we dont have kids and we are on our own.. I am really not sure how it will be from 1 or 2 yrs from now.

  10. More than anybody else, it’s Chirpy who would love you the most for this decision. You are so right, small towns win hands down if you are with a family.
    I keep thinking how would it be if I were living in a small town and now reading your post, can only imagine it being great 🙂
    Your commute time to office is just 15 minutes? I can only feel ‘J’ about it..

    1. truly said Nits…Chirpy might not be able to convey it to me right now or she might not even be able to understand what’s her mother doing and all…but maybe somewhere in the future she’ll realize it worked so well for all of us 🙂

      Even I was a little skeptic when I shifted back from Mumbai,about living in Indore and working here…but now that I’m easily able to juggle between home and work I think it’s the best option 🙂

  11. The way you talk and feel about Mumbai, I do about USA. Time and again I miss the absoulte dirt freeness, great roads, civc sense, discipline …. but but but … even though I can move there any time I like, I am still here. Where else would I find affordable domestic help. And visiting family whenever I want. And mild winters and almost 350 days of outdoors for the kids. Sigh!.. you cannot have it all I guess

  12. you’re so right in your analysis! When I came the the States and to a relatively smaller city, I chafed at not being in a place like New York, which is always so happening! But, I’m glad to stay where I am in a very family-friendly city for the ease it gives me and my kids!

  13. I am so glad for you and so happy that you made perfect choice that works for you and Chirpy. Decision making is always tough especially when you have choices. You know your post made me think, I feel as long as we are happy with the choices we make it will be always good both for you and your family. Stick to that.

  14. Tell me about it! My friends in Bombay travel about 3 hours or more for work! And I thought it was bad in Sydney. It takes me 40 mins to get to work on a good day (which is rare) and usually an hour’s drive. Sydney has the problem that other big cities have too and there are moments when I think I’d like to move to some place like Perth. I’m still a city girl so couldn’t do smaller towns.

    1. That’s exactly what I thought while moving from Mumbai to Indore…and this feeling remained with me for good 3 years…but now with Chirpy and this arrangement I think I’m liking it…but I can’t stop missing Mumbai!

  15. So glad work is going well, Scribby….your schedule sounds pretty good to me! Work AND family time – wow :))))
    Hope it continues.
    Btw was just learning about Indore while reading about a friend’s MP vacation – supposed to be a really nice place – Holkar palace, rajwada etc.

  16. Glad everything worked out for you, Scribby! The way you’ve written about Bombay is the way I feel about Boston. 🙂 can so relate to this post…

  17. I’ve now been eternally at war with myself when I pose the question to myself. Small town or big city. Ofcourse job opportunities are plenty and life style is different in cities but like you I still prefer small-town because of the other advantages like less commute time, more personal time, less people, less traffic, lot of fresh healthy air etc. I will have to think about it seriously after a kid probably. Until then, Bangalore it is.

  18. More than anything else, I would be glad to learn from you how to cook a 4 day meal, you are inspiring Scribby 🙂

    My office recently shifted closer to home, its really good to have some extra time at hand to do some purchases at the market or to read some book.

    Also, you get to spend time with your family as well as maintain the professional career with peace in your mind – what else is needed 🙂

    P.S Just back from a trip, will drop you an email soon 😉

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