Talking about Mumbai…

Just in the last post when I mentioned Mumbai…I could not help but bring in this post 🙂 These pics were taken in my last visit to Mumbai [May 2012] at various places like Nariman Point, NCPA Cafe, Bandra Sea Link etc…have played a little with the original photos..I think they’ve come out well ..what do you think?

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31 thoughts on “Talking about Mumbai…

    1. These are all taken from my Samsung Mobile…and then worked upon a little in Picasa.. 🙂

      Oh that’s the precise reason I shot Antilla 😛 to remember how ugly a filthy rich house can look 😉

  1. Lovely pics! I am feeling so sad that I haven’t seen even one of these sights. 😦

    I should do a similar post about my trip to Ahmedabad this January too. Completely slipped my mind. Your post reminded me.

    1. Oh don’t feel sad re…you’ll go to Mumbai one day I’m sure..and these pics are just nothing…once you stay there you’ll know there is so much to Mumbai 🙂

      waiting for your post TGND!

      1. Now, even i am waiting for your post, TGND!!! I am sure with your great camera skills, you would have done justice to Ahmedabad.. and it will feel so great to be able to see the dear place….

  2. Wow!!! you have captured Mumbai beautifully…Looking at your pics, one would want to visit Mumbai immediately 🙂
    But then one gets reminded of the local trains and one stops….

    1. oh if you are a visitor you don’t have to take the local trains at the peak hours 🙂 local trains are fun re..try Mumbai,I’m sure you’ll love it!

      1. I’ve tried local trains in peak and in off peak hours. Been to Mumbai many times as many of my relatives stay there. I like the place not doubt, but can’t think of settling there…

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