Re-posting: Just want to tell you

*this is an old post..almost 3 years old! Somehow just felt like re-posting it,so here it is!*

Writing and that too regularly is creativity in itself. I think those who write regularly observe something or think and hence share it with the readers OR they write just because they want to. You know what I mean ? 

So today my post is of the second category. I have this urge of writing.Why,you say ? I don’t’ think I have a clue. I have nothing special to share or no wise thought or no funny thing. I’m just wanting to write something….may be because I have changed my blog template..hey,you remember this feeling from yesteryears when we were in school ? With the new session starting and the set of new notebooks coming in with those brown paper covers on them and the smell of the crisp white pages ? Didn’t we get that urge to write in it ? I’m getting the same feeling since now there are no more notebooks and only screens for us to write whatever we want to, except that we write an altered form of chemistry and physics and biology !!! 
Sometimes I wonder what if there were no blogs ? What if there was no medium available to reach out to so many people through one post ? You know,be it anything, blog world is in a way a support system for me. I have experienced this time and it my sad moments or the happiest ones. I get that instant feeling of sharing it with my readers..and the moment I publish a post, I really look forward to and anticipate replies and reviews on my posts,like a child,signing into wordpress to check how many have already read the post ! It gives so much pleasure to receive the comments and then the enthusiasm to write back 🙂 It’s all phenomenal. How and when this blogging started..How and when I got hooked have no idea…and now it’s an integral part of my routine !It’s like a bond..with my readers..and with those whom I read regularly…even when I have nothing to write I still log in to the reader to see what other bloggers have written..and It gives a pleasant feeling and a positive energy too !
You know someone close to me had recently cracked a joke on my blogging..though he is an avid reader of my blogs…he named me POST-woman ! Stating that earlier people used to mention postman but now we have POST woman !!! 😉 I liked the pun…and it’s really logical 🙂 I post and I’m a woman so I’m a POST-woman 😉
There are so many sweet things in life.. living life is one way but loving the life and living it,is another ! One has to learn that art…I don’t know if they teach this at ‘Art of Living’ course..but that’s the way ! 
Was chatting with a school friend few minutes back and we just derailed from our work & married-life conversation to the school-college days….and then after all those nostalgic discussions we summarized it in one sentence-‘School and College should never end’.. yeah ! Not that this life is not good..of course it is amazing and fun-filled…but the school days are so adorable ! I keep telling my cousins, who are still into that life, to enjoy their life to the fullest because now is the time…this fun and life will never come back ! Ironically, when you are in school-college you want to quickly get out of it and want to go out in the world..earn and live life that ways ! So no point in me telling my cousins about the importance of the life and time they are into !
Bigg Boss-3 is getting cheaper…or at least I’m finding it so.. may be because I was never a ‘Bigg Boss’ show type viewer… I just got hooked for 2 reasons [now that I think] one-Amitabh Bachchan-who is only visible for 2 hours a week and two I have loads of time on my hand ;P !!! Anyways, but that’ s a show and let the Bigg Boss be !! 😉
Okay, Just want to tell you that I have launched a new blog…called HAPPY FEETand it is about the holidays we husband-wife are going to take 🙂 Ya it’s a travel log ! Hope that I’ll be able to provide you with good amount of information on the places to see and hotels to stay ! And some nice pictures that I plan to upload with the posts ! So the aim is clear and it excites me totally…Hope that it will be helpful for you and you will enjoy reading my travel experiences and looking at the awesome pictures that I’ll click 🙂 The link has been provided, you can take a look..
Time for me take a break from being a POST-woman and get into the skin of a chef 😉 See you guys soon,hopefully with a meaningful post !

41 thoughts on “Re-posting: Just want to tell you

  1. First of all, to who ever invented blogs, I'm grateful to him/her. If it wasn't for him/her, I wouldn't have met my bubbly sweetie pie Nunu!There's so much pleasure in blogging and waiting to read the comments, there's no denying that…Woaaahhh a travel blog by Nunu… sounds great!!!! Kudos on the new blog!!!!!!!!!!! :DEr…Chef Nunu!!! Whatchya cooking? Me hungry!! 😀

  2. Like the new look! And like the rambling post on everything…Whoever created blogs was a genius, eh? What would we do??!! 😛 Hope you have fun with your travels! When are you off? And where?

  3. I think I write because I love it and it is mostly for me. and it is my way to create memories. before blogs It was the diary. I started writing when I was in school. big boss -3 is turning out boring. The way Rohit was crying ( or acting) was funny and unreal. You have good time with your vacations. 🙂

  4. Nice change, though I loved the pictures in the earlier template :(You are so right about this urge of posting every moment worth or not worth sharing and then waiting for all the responses you get. Initially, it was just another thing for me, but after having been hooked to Blogger myself, I make it a point to leave a comment on every blog post I read. Not in anticipation of a comment on mine, but knowing that the blogger is looking forward to it just as I do :)I don't follow Big Boss :). Try watching pati, Patni aur woh on Imagine…m not a regular, but it's fun at times.And yeah…nothing like school days…they were indeed the best :)Stay precious! Lots of love!

  5. anyways we were fine before blog came to be..just that we are addicted to it now..and the post woman delivers letters but doesnt write

  6. this was a meaningful post, at least according to me…I have had a similar post in the past, not on the same line, but I also didn't know what to write, and in between I happened to speak with a school friend and all those nostalgic memories came back…enjoy ur title of a post-woman…it is indeed something to be proud of :)))

  7. Not fair. some time back I was not able to post a comment at all. the link for 'post comment' didnt work. And I saw your post just when you published it. I would have been 'first' had it worked! 😦 :(Bahut na-insaafiAnd I cannot find a 'contact me' on your page. My email is gunjaaish@gmail.comWill read the post later. Sleeping now.

  8. blogging is fun, …i write only when i feel like..and love reading other peoples blogs..and interacting with them.have a fun filled vacation..will go over to your other blog…hugs!

  9. "I post and I'm a woman so I'm a POST-woman ;)" So cute. Love your template. I am a regular viewer of Bigg Boss. :)) Now waiting for Rajesh Khanna's entry.

  10. "……and the moment I publish a post, I really look forward to and anticipate replies and reviews on my posts,like a child,signing into blogger to check how many have already read the post……"Same symptoms here too :)Obsessive compulsive blogging disorder 😀 Trotting along to your new blog now.Swell idea of travel blog btw. You should have a cooking/recipe blog too. 🙂

  11. Even i am grateful to blogger for giving me a platform to air my views.I am watching big boss and realised that people can be so bitchy and not every time a good person wins, because I have seen that Tanaj and bakhtia are very straightforward and theya re loosig for that.Looking fwd to your Happy feet!

  12. Hello post WOMAN !!!!! I love ramblings… !!!! I m one of those who has to post… !!! although I m coming to terms with posting only when I see something… still.. I havent yet overcome the urge to write.. whether I see or not.. 😛 😛

  13. Post-woman, u said u hv nthng to say and said so much 😛 :PHe he kidding ;)So, u got a new blog nw eh .. cool 🙂 And kudos to the one who invented blogging 🙂 So true abt the school and college days! All I wanted them ws to go to office like Mom 😛

  14. @ HP: Tnx a ton sweetie ;)@EC: Chica, me to thankful to the blog parent 🙂 YAY, me too glad that we met 🙂 Tnx for the new blog wishes!@PB: Tnx sweetie 🙂 sure he / she were or may be is a genius! We will be off on 7th Nov. Shall be back after 20 days!@BM: Diary,ha ! Me too write a diary…and it is still there for totally personal things 🙂 !@Neha K: Tnx 🙂 Will put some nice pictures again next time!! Yeah, being hooked to blogger and now can’t live without it!! Oh I have seen some episodes of ‘PPaW’ but I really hated the way the kids are left behind without their parent :(Lot’s of love to you too hun !@Soin: Hey buds, didn’t get your comment properly :(@Neha S: Chalo if it’s meaningful post according to you, I’m glad!!! Yeah, me too liked the title of a post woman 🙂 Hahaha.. I know we were jumping yesterday..LOL !! I understood your comment…waiting to know more :)@G: G baai ! Ata me kay karnar…there was some problem in the comments section…Elegant chic told me about it and hence I could make it work… tu tar mala sangitla pan nahi 😦 Now don’t be sad na, pls ? Hahah..obsessive compulsive blogging disorder ;P Liked the name tag !! OCB !! Ahh, cooking blog ? No ways..not yet at least…let me be at least close to my mum’s cooking…then may be :)@Titaxy: That’s the right way to enjoy blogging, I guess…:) Tnx ! Will surely have fun and post the relevant details in my travel blog ;)@Sols: Yeah, cute is that ! Tnx for the template 🙂 It reminds me of the those cozy college days love hehehe… Me too watch BB-3 regularly and yes ‘Kakaji’ is entering the house on 6th nov !@Shraddha: Tnx buds for visiting my blog and I want you to be here everytime 🙂 Tnx :)@Antarman: Yeah, BB tells us how bitchy a person can get when enclosed with strict parameters. But you never know what will you do when you are put into such situation..Just imagine…without blogging,your people and without books and tele… gawd !! horrible na ? Tand B are straight forward but that doesn’t serve the purpose, that we have just seen in last few episodes…they have to be smart!@Hitchwriter: Hey Hitchie !! I too love to ramble… same pincher dost 🙂 And welcome to the blog here.. keep coming back !@Swaru: Heheh yeah… I said I have nothing to say but then dimag ki ghanti bajne lagi… typing gives you that flow of thoughts…hehehehe… yeah without blogs we would have never known each other ! @Butterfly: Tnx 🙂 Cooking blog? Hehe not yet.. let me be a good chef and then may be 🙂

  15. Sangnaar kashi? comments disabled hote na. And where is your contact/email me link? Still cannot find it :DHey vacation kuthe?? :):)

  16. Yo post woman good you posted this as I get a chance to read it..

    Will check the travel blog tooo.

    Like you I am so happy to blog and now am addicted and I write anything and everything.. And I met you here and know so much
    Take care so whats cooking….

  17. Glad you reposted this, Scribby! I don’t think I read this…terrific loud thinking on the merits of blogging. Couldn’t agree with you more.
    Keep writing, Post-Woman! 😀

  18. I liked ur new templates.. with those effects.. really cool 🙂
    Would like to read more on ur travel blog..
    Happy Blogging!!

  19. Ahhh look at the number of things you have told in one post.. I like these kinds of posts… I get a happy read and its kind of relaxing… stay addicted to WP and to blogging.. write more and makes us readers even more happy 🙂

    I tried to look at your travel blog – its protected 😦

    I want both the post woman and the chef! share some of your recipes too 🙂

  20. Hi of a fellow post-woman 😉
    I so agree that, when in school/college, we feel like moving out ASAP and start earning and doing real things!!! And now we do that, we find the old times so much better!!!!

  21. So we all are postwomen… 😀

    Blogs are really such saviors… That’s is one place which never disappoints you, just never… It has given some of our best buddies na… 🙂

  22. Looks like I missed some of your posts. None of them showed up on my WP reader 😦 Bad bad WP. I come here and see you have been posting daily 🙂
    Travel blog!! I am going right over to explore 🙂
    Agreed about blogging. I had so many doubts and apprehensions when I started but I am enjoying now. Can’t imagine a world without blogs 🙂

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