Tnx to TGND and RM :)

I tried,I tried and so I tried as decided on reading TGND’s and RM’s post about Spring Dosa and Oatmeal Soup 🙂 and yay MIL,Husby and Chirpy loved it 🙂

Sharing a picture from Saturday Brunch

I must say the recipes are the simplest ones I’ve come across and the outcome tastier 🙂 Go ahead, check the recipes and try them out!


28 thoughts on “Tnx to TGND and RM :)

    1. as long as you keep posting easy recipes like this, I’ll keep trying and picturing them…oh and if you want you can use this pic for your oatmeal soup post 🙂

    1. heheeh me too loved this red look,though I’m quiet famous for changing the templates OFTEN 😉 so don’t know how long this reddiness will stay 😀

  1. Pls can K and I come over ? I so want some gracious soul to make a dose for me,it is just so fun when all you need to do is sit at the table and hot dosaas right off the tava land on your plate. With soup and the stuffing, it makes for a heavenly meal.
    Digging the presentation totally. I love red on the table !

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