Mother-Child bond

Today I was on leave. I decided to stay at home for Chirpy. Though no situation had arrived which demanded my presence around her, but I still wanted to be around her. Honestly, it was me who wanted to be near her.

In the morning when I got up, I contemplated a lot whether to call in sick or no. Whether to even stay back or no. After thinking for good 1 hour, I decided to call my boss about my leave but also decided to not lie. I told him I need to be around my child. He must be a good man or I’m just plain lucky or both, he readily agreed and said take care! God bless him!

So the entire day I did everything for Chirpy. Fed her food, changed her clothes, moisturized her, played with her and also slept along with her. It felt like ages since I had slept with my baby in the afternoon. That long lazy ‘nap’ that we mother and daughter took was an amazing experience,after a long time.

I think she also felt the same magic,as me,since she curled up in a C with me and stuck to me like that for 3 hours. Both of us slept like that,without changing sides.

This mother-child bond is special. Have heard and read it so many times. And every time it’s my turn to feel it, it feels anew. The bond that we are sharing since 17 months now,still touches the strings of my heart and creates a melody. I feel all mushy and teary eyed. My throat chokes when my baby hugs me and calls me “Aai” !

It feels blessed to be a mother, it really does!




67 thoughts on “Mother-Child bond

  1. such a sweet post, scribby. Loved that u were able to take a day off to spend with her. My husband always says that he sleeps like a baby when he sleeps all cuddled up with his kids 🙂

    1. Hugs Ums..I’m sure you can relate to all the mommy tales that I write here and it feels good to know someone is there to say ‘yes, I’ve been there, it feels exactly the same’ 🙂 thanks Ums 🙂

  2. Such a beautiful day you have had scribby 🙂 It is a blissful feeling to curl up and sleep like that. Felt so good reading this really 🙂 K and I take such days off once in a while as well.
    Here’s wishing you many many such days with Chirpy and more and more goodness on part of your reporting officer 😛

    1. hehehe true..curling up and sleeping like this is blissful, even with the partner too 😉 we too have done this before Chirpy was born and it especially feels good when you’ve taken a day off from work 😀

  3. Simply awesome! 🙂 Mother-child bond is so divine!

    Your boss is a good man really and you are a honest person too. Here’s wishing you many such beautiful days with Chirpy! 🙂

  4. Awwwwwww
    This is such a beautiful post, Scribby. Of course, you have to be touched by such magic. 🙂

    On an unrelated note, I have found that the complete, honest truth works with some managers – just say that I want to be home with my family today, so I want a leave, and it works like a charm. 🙂

    1. I was TGND, I was 🙂

      I’ve experienced the same and I work on the same lines too. I encourage my team to tell me the truth and be away rather lying and hiding around 🙂

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