Just Generally!

Life at my end is at a full speed and I have no hold on time. Right now at workplace I’ve to form a new team and that’s causing lot of burden on my own work front. Fortunately or not, the old team members are all leaving in 2 weeks time now, they getting married and moving to different cities. So all I keep doing these days is taking interviews, sketching the new job roles, settling the process documentation and taking knowledge transfer from the team,sigh!
Just read what I’ve wrote above and I think it sounds so glamorous 😉 but in reality it gets hectic at times…like yesterday only I reached home at 9.30 pm 😦
Hoping with new members coming in, I’ll be a little organized at the end of 3 months,fingers crossed!
Chirpy is growing up a little faster, well, every mum thinks like that 🙂 She can talk a few words now but otherwise with sounds and actions she talks every damn thing with us ! I can see talkative-ness is in her genes 😉
Like I’ve said multiple times in the past few posts that I’ve been missing reading you all and I try my best to take out time but somehow it’s just doesn’t get easy 😦 Reading at work place,right now, is just next to impossible! And after coming home I’m in like “Where is my doll? Where is my bed?” state!!! Sigh…
Sometime back I only wanted to get busier with life, do something about the time I had in hands and now that all of it is happening I feel I’m stressed out, funnily funny 🙂 🙂
Though one thing hasn’t changed with my busy life: Movies! We have been watching movies back to back each Friday!!! Yeah you read that right…I’m a hardcore movie buff and I love watching movies in the theater. So every Friday when there is a good movie released we are sure to go..like this week we’re booked for ‘OMG’ and the next week it is going to be ‘English Vinglish’ ! Thankfully, since C has started sleeping through the nights, once we tuck her in the bed, we can peacefully go for a night show…doesn’t take much on MIL too so that’s the right time to sneak off 😉
Last week saw ‘Heroine’ and was highly disappointed. Maybe because I was hoping something on the high quality lines of ‘Fashion’! What’s your view? Did you watch the movie?
So much more on my mind to write,wish had so much more time too 😦

51 thoughts on “Just Generally!

  1. Scribby has turned to be busy Scribby.. 🙂 hope and wish that things will settle down very soon and you will be able to get better control on everything.. hugss..

  2. LOL on being a movie buff! RD was telling me the other day after reading your FB updates ‘Apni Scribby seems to go for movies every weekend eh?’ and there you accepted it :):)

    That job of yours is glamorous okie?

    1. Yeah I take pride in accepting that I’m a movie buff and almost every Friday night me and Husby are seen at movie theaters 😛

      Glamorous or no but I’m loving it 🙂

    2. I was just going to say that too. Scribby’s status updates tell us she watches a movie almost every other Friday! Now every time there is a new release, I almost expect to see her status. 😛

  3. Even without a full time job like yours, I am like “Wheres my doll? Wheres my bed?” 😉 What to do ??? 😉 Theres too much happening at my side too, that sometimes the stress accumulates without we noticing it !!!

    I am just trying to read a few blogs now…but that itself is too much on me…I can imagine your situation !!!

    Of course we all know that Chirpy has talkative genes in her…after all thats one thing that the mother has passed on easily 😉

    Hugs dear !!!

  4. i know.. why does it always feel like its better to get on the other side of life??

    good abt the movies – some relaxation-.. i’ve come to stage now where all I want to do with my free moments is to be home with the toddler or plan a vacation!!!heheh!

  5. Will wait for the next post to read more. 🙂 Late night shows are a boon I tell you.. ”Heroine” I have also heard is not very good… have you watched Barfi?

  6. Oh hectic hectic. This too shall pass. And I have a feeling that you are enjoying all the work 🙂 Good for you. And we watched Barfi last night and one word AWESOME. Don’t miss it.

  7. Hope the load at work place lessens soon. A movie every week?! Wow! 🙂 I have not seen heroine…. no plans to see it either 🙂 Did you see Barfi? I loved it 🙂
    PS. You got my mail? 🙂

  8. I was going to ask you about your movie overdose! Keep saying FB updates!
    So jealous man :S
    But we are also thinking of this night show business. Zo sleeps by 9, so I can technically go at night. Soon soon.

    1. Why do you think I put her in a routine of early to bed ? 😉
      Don’t be jealous DI, your turn pretty soon, I’m sure! My Zo is a gorgeous little good girl 🙂

  9. You have got a full plate at work and at home, eh! All the best, Scribby!
    I am yet to watch Heroine, dont wish to either after seeing so many of you writing it off! Waiting for English Winglish, hope it is as great as barfi, if not more! 🙂

  10. Looks like you are super busy at work. Hope things will settle down soon.

    I did see Barfi. Missed watching Heroine for good 🙂 English Vinglish looks interesting. Maybe I should go watch it 🙂

  11. Aww hugs! Hope the work eases soon 🙂
    Chirpy is a darling, muahs 😀

    Movies and I don’t gel much 😛 But ya, I really wanna see English Vinglish 😀

  12. Have fun being busy. I can imagine it must be challenging.

    Way to go Chirpy. Ask mommy to take you to the movies 😉

  13. Sounds like a very hectic time in the work place! Take care of your health! Yes, I also heard that Heroine was a major disappointment! Do give us a review of English Vinglish! That’s the one with Sridevi, right?!

  14. hahaha life is pretty strange..when I was jobless way back in 2009 ,I so wanted to join back work.Since July 2009 am constantly working and now I get irritated that I have no time for myself…

    Your first paragraph sounds a hectic life for you in office..you have a lot on your plate dear but am sure you will manage everything 🙂

    Inspite of hectic schedule you go for movies..hats off!

    Loads of love to chirpy 🙂

  15. Busy mom, but you know its better to have lot of work than none, you watch movie every week, waw how awesome is that. I badly looking for one of the parents to come here for sneaking out alone with R, its been ages we did something like that..

  16. Glad you are busy and enjoying it. Totally understand not wanting to read blogs on getting home after a busy day…after all, you want to spend time with Chirpy and well, sleep is oh so important! I know during a phase when I was exhausted, I’d just read blogs but not comment…

    1. yeah PB there are time I read blogs but can’t comment or don’t have time to comment…but the fact remains…there are few blogs I can’t miss reading 🙂

    1. yes we have all been wishing for some more time, sigh 🙂 trust me there are 4 posts in the drafts and I’m yet to tighten them before posting…don’t know when that’s going to happen 😦

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