Aisa Kyo Hota Hai?

Yesterday I saw a man in torn clothes moving towards our front yard. I got scared and then suspicious of his intentions. He looked abandoned, mad,lost and of course maniac. Whilst I was thinking about what must be going on in his mind he sat in front of our house. I could not see him then so I stepped out a little and tried to see what was he up to.

I found an equally torn paper, like his clothes, in his hands and a smile on his face. He was staring at that paper kept on smiling, lost in his own world, oblivious of the fact that people passing by were staring at him with disgust.

After a while, he got up walked away. The sight of that man left me thinking. Not that I’ve seen such a person for the first time but for the first time I observed such a person. It was difficult to analyse, to imagine what made him like this.

Was he mad by birth? Why did his family abandon him? Has he done some bad to his people? Was he ill and poor? Was he cursed?

When I see such sights I recall a similar man that I have seen near my uncle’s residence in other city,some years ago. I saw that man almost for 5-7 years, every time we visited my uncle.He used to sit at the entrance gate of the society my uncle resided in.

Sometime, I remember my uncle telling us about him. That man was learned, rich, had a big joint family, had made umpteen foreign trips and owned a huge business. Of course shocked with these details any one would question why on earth such a man would sit in ragged clothes, look unshaven for years and carry starved face ? To which what my uncle told was more shocking to me: His family had disowned him on some dispute and robbed him of his property and shares in the business. Yes, his family including his wife and children. Today he roams around that area, hoping that one day his family might take him back!

Of course there could be more to it like did he not have any place to go, any friends, relatives? If he was learned why did he have to starve and not work somewhere? etc etc. Lot of such questions made rounds in my head…and went un answered.

All I remember today is, that man is no more seen anywhere in that locality. Nobody knows for sure if he is dead or alive. And his family still live in that society and very much rich and going!

Coming back to the man that I saw near my house…he had a paper in his hands…could he read? Could he be a learned, respected person of his times too?

At the end of it all I come to only one question: What causes someone’s life to be so miserable?


18 thoughts on “Aisa Kyo Hota Hai?

  1. We don’t know what happens behind closed doors Scribby. How life takes a weird turn and leaves you with nothing… some questions just remain unanswered.

  2. i too get such thoughts when see people like that.. other day on a busy signal i saw a lady walking naked.. i felt so helpless sitting inside the car of my colleague. i couldn’t tell him to stop or look at her.. she had cloths in her hand, but she didnt wrap it around her.
    i always think what made them like that? can i trust them and give shelter at my place?? all that comes in my mind..

  3. Oh dear…its really sad to see ppl like that – disowned by family !!!

    I once saw a man like that, who was asking everyone for money – but he was dressed neatly and even spoke English. But everyone ignored him. I gave him some bananas which I had along with some money. He refused the fruits. Probably he understood whats going on…probably not !!!

    1. all such incidents bring sadness 😦 also reminds me of the movie SADMA..have you seen? When Kamal Hassan is shown mad, he is still educated, from a good family, but then Sridevi takes him for a crazy beggar and ignores him totally!

  4. Fate? Life? This is a harsh reality which cannot be ignored!
    And that was such a sad incident that u have shared, Money & greed makes ppl do things that shud not even think of doing.

    1. yes in some cases there have been money only which made the family play games to pluck the person out of the their lives and throw him on the streets 😦

  5. 🙄 I have seen many such people in one of the shelters here. It’s really sad and shocking to know all that they have been through 😦
    Matters of the mind are so important and in most cases actually, someone talking to them and helping them sort out might prevent them from losing their mind altogether 😦

    1. yeah but generally people don’t pay any heed to such people who are roaming on the streets and hence they are left on their own to go even lower in life 😦

  6. On a different thought – If a man or woman has self discipline and principles in life no one can abandon them. Many be these men did not live a respectful life and created their own trap over a period of time. Of course I agree that their family should have taken care of them but I don’t know today my thoughts says that this state of the man has more to do with the way he lived the life. As you mentioned if they are left out by the family and he is a literate why can’t he fetch another job and have a life? I know its easier said than done and we as such don’t know their real situation. So, I can’t completely comment or judge on their current state. these are my free flow thoughts at this moment. I am not feeling pity for him. He digged his own grave.. May be tomorrow my thoughts will be different.. sorry if I comment disturbs you..

    1. I agree with you Ani and I too thought on the same lines….but again what exactly happens to such people we will never know hence we can’t really say what they should do or not do 😦 that’s who see such people around and are left wondering…such is life!

  7. so very true! All I can think of is that when one completely loses hope, then one let’s oneself go down to that level!

  8. Our life is in our hands – to make it or break it. We do not know the reasons why he did not stand up for himself Scribbs, hope life gives him another chance soon.

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