Main Kahan Hoon?

Typically visualizing the bollywood movie dialogue after a quick faint and all that of the heroine / hero… “main kahan hoon, main kaun hoon” 😆 any way, this is not leading to any bollywood movie sequence…this is the current state of smses and emails that I’m getting from blog world peeps !!!

Girls, all who checked on me, I feel good about it…well not to the extent that I went on missing on purpose 😉 But really, remembering that someone from the blog clan is missing and then taking a step ahead and calling/smsing/emailing to the said person to check if everything is alright, in my view is love !!!

And I’ve to tell you all, that I love you too, sacchi 🙂

I’ve been sucked in by work, currently doing 12 hours quiet literally 😦 and having simply no ‘proper’ time for the doll too 😦 makes me feel guilty! But work is getting better, things are settling down and if everything goes the way I’ve planned, January onward things will be lighter and merrier at work front and consequently at time management front too!

Diwali is at the door and I simply love the essence of it…the lights, the food, the people around, the decked up homes, the merriment, the lovely sarees, shopping… AND two days holiday from work 🙂

All these days I’ve missed reading, writing…they’ve taken a back seat and I quiet dislike this state of my life! But Music is full too on and the commute is all the more rosy with the lovely music that I plug in my ears every single day 🙂

My current fav since a long time has been this song and I don’t seem to ever give up on this…in fact currently it is playing in the background while I’m typing in this post….and it is running for the 50th time already 🙂

Movies are on the go…tomorrow it would ‘Son of Sardar’ to celebrate Diwali 🙂 oh and yes I finished reading ‘The Palace of Illusions’ and what do I say about the book!!!! Those who have read it must know what I’m feeling about it…and those who have not read it yet, peeps don’t delay I’m telling you!!!!! I’ve to do the review and I’ll do it elaborately…cause the books deserves it!

So enjoy this song and have a happy and safe Diwali 🙂



34 thoughts on “Main Kahan Hoon?

  1. Aap kaun ho this I know.. aap kahan ho this I did not know.. but now I know ..
    Awwwwwww… ms. Busy ms. Busy…

    A very happy diwali to you and family specially to the little one…. and everyone around you….

    Take care scribby.. have a great today and always

  2. Good to see you back! I was wondering about you, too. Then, thought you’d be busy with work.

    Hope things are a bit better on the work front now!

    I LOVE that Barfi song too. Seem to be stuck on me. 🙂

    Happy (belated) Diwali wishes. Hope you had a great festival!

    I have heard loads of good things about The Palace Of Illusions. Should pick it up soon.

    1. Hey TGND, how have you been? Have been thinking to call you since forever 😦

      Work is bad, too bad right now 😦 How’s at your end?

      Yeah the song is stuck on me too…I kind of hear it at least 10-15 times a day and still not over it 🙂

      Oh the book, you must pick up soon, you would love it, I’m sure !!!

  3. OOPS…I didnt even know that Scribby dear…been in hiding for sometime too…

    Hugs…hope dolly’s smile will pull you back in the grind, when work keeps you plugged down.

    Am glad you liked the book too…awesome right ???

  4. hugs!! I hope things get better at work!
    and I hope you had a great Diwali as well!! 🙂
    Palace of Illusions is a fab book! I’m glad you enjoyed it as well..

  5. It was during diwali that I was remembering u & was even thinking to mail u btu bhool gayi….Guess what? I will be in ur town in Jan 😀 and though am there to attend a mrrg and will be there for just a couple of days (depending on the confirmation of reservation) lets see if we can squeeze in a meeting!

    Glad to see u back & hope u get more time for urself 🙂

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