Life of Pi, Belief of everyone!

When you look into the Tiger’s eyes, your own emotions reflect!

Watched ‘Life of Pi’ yesterday night and was left thinking yet again…thinking on the lines of my own belief of God, religion…

Coming to God, I trust there is a power that binds our universe and no one can deny that fact. Adding more to it, I don’t know how to define religion per say. I don’t quiet recognize the word in literal sense. So, I never try to go that side. All I know is God,or some such power, exists. With umpteen number of Gods in Hindu religion itself, it is difficult to really say which one do I trust in. So to make that easy for my own convenience I’ve chosen one name and face,from so many names and faces taught to me from childhood, and have kept that constant. That helps me stay away from confusion and concentrate on believing in the divine power, that is popularly called as God!

Like the movie “Oh My God” , I too believe that it is more important to be a ‘God Loving’ human being than being a ‘God Fearing’ one.Difference between both the terms is of a very thin line of logic, of belief. But that thin line difference only creates a huge difference in our lives, that’s what is to be understood!

Coming back to the movie “Life of Pi”: I loved the movie, for several reasons, some of which are listed below:

~ 3D visuals

~ Suraj Sharma

~The Bengal Tiger

~ Concept

~ Cinematography

~ Acting [especially Tabu’s: with so little to say she delivered a lot with her silent expressions]

~ Minimum characters

~ The flow

~ The summation of the movie: God, Human relationships & Survival Needs

Why I said some of which are listed below cause there are things that I felt after watching the movie that could not be put in words. One has to watch the movie or maybe I’m not the right person who can verbalize the experience!

Quoting James Cameron from Zee News Website: “`Life of Pi` breaks the paradigm that 3-D has to be some big, action fantasy spectacle, superhero movie. The movie is visually amazing, inventive, and it works on you in ways you’re not really aware of. It takes you on a journey, and unless you’ve read the book — which I hadn’t — you have no idea where that journey is going. It does what good 3-D is supposed to do, which is, it allows you to forget you’re watching a 3-D movie.”

I’ve heard that the book is far better than the movie, yet the movie has it’s own pluses, which can’t be ignored.

Digression: While on this I always feel that a movie based on a book should not be compared to the original piece of work. I mean a book of 300 odd pages or so can’t be summarized in any which way in 120 mins or so, or can it? So the movie has it’s own flare and the book it’s own. The book is just the base rest is all visual and audio form of the director’s creativity of the book! That said, there are movies which have not done justice to the basic plot of the book as well, but then there are always exceptions,right?

Any how, the line that got stuck to my mind after those 120 mins is :

“Life is letting go on the whole but no good byes at the end hurt a lot”

This has a deeper meaning to it, if you really look deep! Or maybe it hit me at the right spot cause I believe in the same ideology:  no good byes,which I term as untidy closures, are far way painful than anything else!

An finally,it says,truth and nothing but the truth :God is what you want to believe in!!!!


14 thoughts on “Life of Pi, Belief of everyone!

  1. This is the fourth recommendation of the movie I have heard/read since morning! And 2 even said, “a must watch along with kids”. And your comprehensive review nails it!! Will definitely go for it! 🙂

  2. Don’t they say god resides in all humans.. in the heart so if we are good humans and treat other humans as humans we are doing the right thing..

    That movie is amazing..for sure.. how they got the tiger todo all that acting is amazing..

  3. I am waiting to go… 🙂
    Lovely review…you’ve actually gone deep into it…but I guess, some movies do that to you !!!
    I loved the book for its adventurous take and all, but couldnt read thru the pages where Pi ate almost anything thats available on the boat. But when pushed to the corner, all you think is survival !!!

  4. Hmm…I haven’t read the book which is on my TBR list. But might just watch the movie whenever it comes out here. As for God and religion…well, I’m agnostic. I don’t like religion of any kind as I’ve become very disillusioned over the years and as a result, I don’t bother following anything about any religion. As for god, the jury is still out on that for me… 🙂

  5. I read the book years ago so do not remember it much except for the key events. I saw the movie this weekend and liked it. It was an unusual novel and the movie is unusual too. It is great that a story like that could be made into a good movie.

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