Vadde Log, Vaddi Jacket?

The above pic got posted by Shopper’s Stop on FB today and the caption read this:

We’re ready to set a record by making the largest jacket ever made in India! Come and witness it at The Suits & Jackets Fest in Shoppers Stop, Inorbit Mall, Malad in Mumbai!

Some people have commented on the pic like “One more milestone achieved SS, proud to be a member”; “This is swell”; “wow”; “Awesome” etc.

Before I could even blink to think my mind asked only one question? What’s the purpose of this huge jacket??

The cloth used in making this huge stuff,which is of no use according to my tiny brain, might have been useful for the needy,especially in such winter!!!

However, there are exactly 2 comments that I found which had the same question that I  had to Shopper’s Stop! By the time I’ve written this ,1,199 people have liked it and only 2 ask “why” !!!!

What was a store like Shopper’s Stop thinking while investing resources in a jacket worthless in literal sense?

Or is there something that I’m not able comprehend?

17 thoughts on “Vadde Log, Vaddi Jacket?

  1. It is a private firm. Most of them do not believe in philanthropy and even if they do, it is a minuscule part of their turnovers. It is just to get more sales but yes, quite a stupid way. But you know what? It works.

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