Read-o-Meter 2012

I had listed these books for reading this year, eventually could only read 13!

I want to thanks to BlogAdda for adding to my reading list, I got few very nice books from via their Book Review Program and I’m looking forward to receive more 🙂

So 2013 dawns upon me with new reading challenge. I don’t know if challenge is the right word to it or maybe challenge is the word I should use because that keeps me on track in terms of reading, given the way I’m pressed for time these days, I can only wish I could read at least 5 books this new year, sigh!!!!

Any way, but this year I’m not making any list of books. I’ll just set a target of 15 books and read them! Hoping to reach to the number by the end of 2013!

What’s up with you?How was your 2012 in terms of reading?


13 thoughts on “Read-o-Meter 2012

  1. my heartfelt thanks to you and all other avid readers in blogosphere whom I follow for all those inspirations.. I also managed to have a reading list of my own this year 🙂 will publish them soon..

  2. I did quite well with my reading. Completed the Aussie Author challenge by reading 12 books by Australian authors and also completed the benchmark I’d set myself on Goodreads….so far read 46 books this year when the goal was 40. But then again, I don’t have a child! 🙂

  3. 13 from 21 is not bad for a working mom who was a full time Mom for some time….

    As far as I am concerned I read some 63 books…I had targeted 50 in Goodreads 🙂

    Pat my back please!!!

  4. I got the palace of illusions and I am tempted to stay up late at night and finish it off in one go but the morning and office beckons 😀 but, thank god weekends is here 🙂 I have just reached the swayamvar part!!! I am tempted to think what would have happened if she had chosen karan instead of insulting him!!

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