Safety Checks!

He was with friends. Happy. Excited about the perfect life that he had carved for himself. He was young. He drank liquor to celebrate his happiness. His friends told him not to be too drunk since they had to return on bikes. They were at a highway dhaba in the outskirts of the city. On their return towards home, in the midnight, he started racing the bike. His friends again warned him not to, it was fatal, drunk and speeding! He gave a damn and accelerated in the dark, leaving his other friends far far behind! They thought he must have reached home by now, because they didn’t see him anywhere on their way…they went home!

And where do you think he was? In all the excitement of speeding up, he lost the balance of his bike and fell in a hole at the side of the road. It wasn’t deep. He was not hit by any vehicle. He just fell in the hole because of losing balance…. but it took his life! When he fell, he fell on his head and hit on a huge stone! He lay there, numb, brain and blood oozing out, for almost 3 hours!

The patroling police group found him and called his friends and family. But it was too late! He was gone, high in the air, taking all the excitement and happiness from his family’s life! He risked it and they are now paying for it !

This is a real incident happened just last weekend. And see the connection, the guy mentioned above it husby’s student AND my newly joined team member’s fiance ! Sure, the world is small, but in such cases we don’t bother if we have common connections or no! All we care is a life is lost! A family is broken, a set of parents are devastated! A young man is no more leaving a young girl with the dreams of a life with him!

But in the entire thing did you notice something? I wish he would not have been drunk, I wish he had listened to his friends and been a pillion. I wish he was wearing a helmet, at least! Because his entire body was scratch less, only his head was bare open, exposing his brains!

Would a helmet not saved his life? Would not racing so adamantly have saved his life? Would listening to his friends not saved his life?

I sit here and wonder, there are so many out there, who don’t care about following traffic rules, wearing helmets and not speeding up unnecessarily on a highway or anywhere for that matter! Everyday’s commute to work for me is a torture…I cringe to see people breaking red lights so easily, not caring is they can lose their life in this! They are so confident about not being hit by a fast moving vehicle on the green light road…

I sit and wonder, if life has become so cheap? If caring about oneself is so difficult?

May your soul rest in peace Anuj….I still wish you were wearing a helmet!


14 thoughts on “Safety Checks!

  1. The problem is that people think that it cannot happen to them. The moment you come out of that false protective shell, you realize how vulnerable your life is.
    One of my friends is alive today because of the very reason – he was wearing a helmet that broke into two but still saved him.

  2. The problem is that because of other’s mistakes also, one might have to pay. One does not realize that we are vulnerable at every step and our safety lies in our own hands.

  3. a few days back, even i wrote a post on the very same topic…i had heard of a recent drunk and driving accident but thankfully there was no loss of life but apparently a girl had broken her spinal discs or some such thing!! donno why people take their life so cheaply!! its no fun, when will they realize???

  4. Had happened with one of my colleagues too some years ago. Got drunk 3 days before his wedding and passed away 😦 Sigh! i wish we don’t take safety measures so easily. Hugss!

  5. incidents like this sends shivers thru’ my spine.. I have this fear of losing people always.. its a wired feeling I go thru’ once in a while and incidents like this only makes it worse..

  6. People know that they should follow traffic rules but still flaunt them because they are plain lazy and have the I-care-damn attitude. Hope by seeing/hearing about such incidents, sense prevails.

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