Actual Mein Kala Tika Post :)

This has to be noted down here for just few days back I whined about how time is not enough and how I’m disliking my new role.

But today I’ve to say that things are getting better. The team size has increased and most importantly I’ve started putting things off for tomorrow, those which can wait, and have started rushing homewards on time 🙂 Past couple of days I’ve been doing oly 8-8.30 hours a day in office and I’m liking it more than anything else.

And and and, not only this, I’ve also started reading at least few pages of my book every single night before going to bed! Now isn’t that kewl? Ain’t I growing up and managing time well? 😉

Actually it feels like I’ve just learnt the life techniques and slowly excelling in it! Feels good to be home early / spend more time at home and not office.

Looking back, I go back to the same theory: (which I tend to forget with a new job and role 😉 ) that one should give time to the work place, to the people around and to oneself for settling down and forming a pattern of work system.

So spending 6 months in this job and almost 1 month in the new role, I think I’m maturing in a different way and learning to divide my time wisely… or simply put I’ve more helping hands now (4 members that is) so the work is automatically spread acorss ! I’m also glad that my team members are also relieved with the additional responsibilities that they were performing for past 3 months… they too are feeling good that 2 more members are here and they can breathe in the fresh air in between work 🙂

Also, along with my own self, I’ve made a rule for the team to log out from the system and office at max by 7 pm ( of course on exceptional work days they have to stay back, like me) and they’re also following it religiously… my team is happy, feeling about the enironment and inturn this is making me merrier 🙂

Now all I wish is for this to continue.. my wisdom to stick to my brains 😉 and our resolutions to tick all the time in our heads to reach home on time and give equal importance to our personal lives 🙂

Wish me luck !



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