Baby G or B?

While I was talking to female colleagues about pregnancy, having a child, preferences and several societal mindsets, I came to know something about my own self!

When I was pregnant with Chirpy, I was constantly asked one common question “what’d you like, a girl or a boy?” 

That time I was truly clueless, in fact I didn’t even feel that one could have a preference. I mean a baby is a baby for starters, ain’t it? Also, like DI says, it would be so unfair for the baby inside who would be listening to the mothers’ thoughts. If the mother wishes for a girl and the baby inside is a boy,then? Won’t the boy feel sad or fee unwanted?

But now, today, when I’m a mother to a girl, a cute little pumpkin I think I have a preference and I know of it. Today if someone asks me to make a wish, I would want my second baby to be a girl again 🙂 Having daughters is so so so much fun!

That said, I’m not denying the possibility of having a son! Of course, my first thought remains: a baby is a baby is a baby, of your own!

Be it a son or the daughter, both are equal fun in their own way!! Having best of both worlds is the ideal situation one can experience in life,right? 🙂



12 thoughts on “Baby G or B?

  1. Hahaha! Mad girl! 🙂
    I agree, and if I think back, a tiny bit of me wanted a girl more than a boy, but I never said it out aloud or even to myself only because of my awesome theory which you already quoted 😉
    2 girls is an awesome combo to have! For you as well as the two of them 🙂

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