The time I was waiting for,has started coming around…

When Chirpy was not even conceived I used to plan things to do on weekends with my then future baby. The thoughts were all scattered but on the whole I had the idea that some creative activities were to be done when I had my child.

After Chirpy was born, there was clarity in thoughts and my plans. I started jotting things (mentally) of fun weekends; playing in mud, gardening, craft, origami, painting, drawing, coloring, book reading, going to parks and the likes!

When she turned 1, I could see my plans falling in place-she already loved books, went to the park every single evening, loved playing in the mud 😛 !

Since few of the above things started turning out to be true, my heart wished more! I wanted Chirpy to develop an inclination towards arts and crafts and that too real soon! *who said I was not gonna expect from my child,sigh*

Before she is even two I thought of introducing her to colors and paints! And boy,she loved the activity and how! We did a lot of fun painting papers left right and center and our hands & clothes alike 🙂 We literally painted the house red, you know! It was fun, it was so much fun !

On coloring front, she enjoys crayons and has started to identify some of the colors, though sometimes she does miss one or two, but that’s alright!

But at the end, Chirpy and I are coloring and painting these days 🙂 Now my next stop will be craft, yay!! Finally, the time that I had been waiting for, has started coming around….

P.S. I’ve realized one thing: There is no age limit for kids for liking activities.You teach them things, they pick it up, if they really want to! I bought her a coloring book which says “age group 4-5 years” but I still brought it home couple of months back and today Chirpy has done almost half the book!

So, if the child wants to learn / pick up things, it will any given day and if it doesn’t it will (maybe) never! Just my thought 🙂

First Painting 🙂
Caught Red Handed 😉
Who needs a brush anyway!

26 thoughts on “The time I was waiting for,has started coming around…

  1. Awesome… We have framed one of junior’s first painting and stuck it in the wall.. many many people come and ask us what is it and we say its modern art… and then they read the name of the artiste and its my son’s name ! 😛 😛

    Colours and kids are made for each other ! Although most of my plans always were bordering on bouncing Hriday when he grows up paints and all happened as there are more creative people in my house ! 😛

    Those pics are very cute.. the caught red handed tag takes the cake 😀

  2. Reading the post brought a big smile on my face as it reminded me of similar fun times when my son was younger. He used to love working with paints and now he is just not interested 😦

    Now waiting for my lil girl to grow a little older so that I can do these things with her.

  3. wow!!! So we can officially say that she is artistic 🙂

    I tried colors with Arnav but bugger preferred chewing it 😦 But yes we do give him pens and all but all he wants to do is draw tattoo 😉

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