It is just the beginning and I’m tired already?

Remember my post about naming my baby? That she has a different name? And people also call it as tongue twister / difficult / alien types / not acceptable etc!!!

And she is just about two now! We’ve to go a long long way, I tell myself! Whereas, the breather is she has started saying her name and she is almost correct, like 80%! Isn’t that great? I feel it is cause agree or not people do make you worry by constantly passing on comments of the same type! In this name case, people kept on saying things like she’ll never get her name right, she’ll face problems in learning her name and all that stuff! But today, my baby has almost made it πŸ™‚

I think it is all because we have been calling her with her actual name only, no short names, no love names and no pet names! Though I do call her with different name like laddu, jalebi, chand ka tukda and the likes when I’m attacking her with motherly love, but in principle we call her with her full name, period!

Any way, I’m tired ofΒ explainingΒ people: about the meaning, the pronunciation and the most important one: as to why did we name her this! If someone asks meaning, understandable! If someone asks the pronunciation, still understandable! But if someone comes forward *crossing the line, that is* and asks ‘why this name, could you not find anything else?’ I feel tired!!!

Tired of telling them that ‘look,this our baby, we made it and we have all rights reserved’ !!!!!

And this is just the beginning…. sigh!!!!


26 thoughts on “It is just the beginning and I’m tired already?

  1. Tight hugs dear, now I am surprised to know what her real name is, Like you said as parent, you have all rights reserved. I wish was stubborn keeping my daughter’s name the way I want. I still regret.

  2. You dont need to waste your energy on these Egoistic people who cant accept that they cant say a thing right even its nice so they try to put the blame on others… I think its one of our Desi ppl traits.. πŸ™‚

  3. Ask them why do they care so much. And frankly don’t care about what others say. I have a very unique name too. I haven’t yet actually met anyone with my name πŸ™‚ and iam kind of super proud of it. Your baby will be too . Period. πŸ™‚

      1. I can relate myself to your daughter in this case I guess :D. When I see gora’s strugling to call out my name right I smile at them and tell them to call me Das or any other part of my name they are comfortable with. Even most of the desi ppl prefer to call me with my other name may b bcoz its so familiar to them. I am still happy with my name and never complained to my parents about naming me Dasaradh because I was born on ”Dussera” (also called Vijaya Dasami) festival day.. πŸ˜€ If ppl can not pronounce their own language its their fault….

  4. Hmmmmm when they say anything like that, count your breath, look into their eyes, think that they are not important enough, smile & ignore. And if still u feel like reacting just tell them that you don’t like his/ her name would they rather change it?

  5. Uh, really! I have been here. We are north Indians and our son is named Venkatesh. “WHY” is what I have had to explain to both parts of Indians. Now I shrug and say “Just like that!”

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